Header NAS Award for Scientific Discovery

The NAS Award for Scientific Discovery will be presented in 2015

Awarded to recognize an accomplishment or discovery in basic research within the past five years. The selection committee seeks discoveries that have become so important during the past five years to their scientific field that they will almost certainly be included in the introductory textbooks to that field that are being written now.  Given the nature of science, there is likely to have been prior published work upon which this discovery was based, carried out either by the same investigator or by others. However, the breakthrough will be deemed to have occurred in the past 5 years if it would not have been considered as textbook material before that time.

The fields of science for each presentation will rotate from among chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, astronomy, physics, and materials science. Endowed in 2014 through a gift (Press Release) from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement (RCSA) in honor of John P. Schaefer. The recipient will receive a medal, a $50,000 cash prize, and $50,000 to support their research. Inaugural presentation in 2015 for a recent discovery in chemistry, biochemistry, or biophysics.

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