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On 1 July 1940, the National Academy of Sciences was engaged to carry out research on behalf of the United States Army Corps of Engineers on the problem of providing protection for both civilians and military personnel against bombing attack. Accordingly, the NAS organized The Committee on Passive Protection Against Bombing under the auspices of the National Research Council, its operating arm. The committee's charge was to gather data to be used toward building effective bomb shelters, and toward this end the committee assisted the Corps of Engineers in setting up tests of various structures' resistance to a variety of projectiles. The committee issued a series of interim and "final" reports, culminating with the final report of 1943. At this time the committee's name was changed to the Committee on Fortification Design; with the Allied war effort having shifted decisively to the offense, it was decided on 30 June 1944 not to renew the committee's contract.

The Committee on Passive Protection Against Bombing collection contains reports and memoranda covering the years 1940-1945 and spans approximately 1.5 linear feet.

Committee on Fortification Design & Committee on Passive Protection Against Bombing, 1940-1944: Index to Collection



Committee on Fortification Design

Final Report: 1944

Interim Memoranda: Nos 10-13: 1944

Interim Reports
No 26: Effects of Underground Explosions: 1944

No 27 & Appendices: Effect of Concrete Properties on Penetration Resistance: 1944
No 28 & Appendices: Ballistic Tests on Concrete Slabs: 1944
No 29: Contact Explosions on Concrete: 1944
No 30: Penetration in Soils: 1944

Reports Distribution: 1944

General: 1943-1945

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Committee on Passive Protection Against Bombing

Final Reports


Fundamental Principles of Structural ARP: 1943

Interim Memoranda

Nos 1-4: 1942
Nos 5-9: 1943

Interim Reports

Terminal Ballistics: Parts I & II: 1941
Nos 1-3: 1941
Nos 4-10: 1942
Nos 11-14: 1942
Nos 15-19: 1942
No 20: Penetration & Explosion Tests on Concrete Slabs: I: 1943
No 21: Penetration & Explosion Tests on Concrete Slabs: II: 1943
No 22: Use of Bamboo for Reinforcement in Concrete: 1943
No 23: Static Detonation Trials of Three Framed Houses at Area J, Aberdeen Proving Ground: 1943
No 24: Relative Safety of Basements & Upper Stories of Frame Houses in Air Raids: 1943

Reports Distribution: 1941-1943



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Office of Emergency Management
Office of Civilian Defense: 1942-1943

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