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Division of Anthropology and Psychology, 1919-1939



School Scale Board

Activities Summary: 1919-1920
Beginning of Program: 1919
Meetings: 1919-1920
Other Tests: 1919-1920
Publishers: 1919-1920
Statistical Work: 1919
Test Drafts: 1919
General: 1919-1920

INSTITUTIONS Associations Individuals

American Anthropological Association: 1919-1926

American Association for Advancement of Science

Section H: Physical Anthropology: 1919-1926

American Psychological Association: 1919-1933

Bureau of Public Personnel Administration: 1924-1926

Child Development Institute

Research Activities: 1934

Clarke School for the Deaf: 1921-1922

Organizations Cooperating with Division of Anthropology & Psychology

Formal Listing: 1919-1933

Psychological Corporation: 1922-1924

Social Science Research Council

Cooperation with APA (American Psychological Association): 1924
Cooperation with Division of Anthropology & Psychology: 1923-1930

Society for Research in Child Development

Meetings: 1933-1937
Membership: 1936-1938
General: 1933-1939

Vibro-Tactile Lab & Institute: 1928-1929

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Activities Summary: 1919-1932

Announcement of Division

Bingham W V: 1920
Appointments: Chairman: 1919-1937
Appointments: Members: 1919-1939

Basis of Tests for Candidates for Air Service: 1921

Beginning of Division: 1919

Committee on Accurate Publicity for Anthropology: 1928-1932

Committee on Anthropological & Psychological Study of People of US

American Indian Studies: 1920-1922
Beginning of Program: 1919-1920
General: 1920-1922

Committee on Archaeology of Tennessee Valley: 1927-1939

Committee on Auditory Deficiency: 1929-1936

Committee on Aural Structure & Function: 1928

Committee on Basic Needs in American Archaeology

Works Projects Administration Project: 1939
General: 1939

Committee on Census of Population: 1929

Committee on Child Development

Abstracts Index: 1927
Activities Summary: 1926-1931
Conferences on Research in Child Development: 1925-1933
Fellowships in Child Development: Formal Listing: 1926-1929
General: 1925-1930
Meetings: 1924-1933
Policy Conflict Concerning Committee Functions: 1932-1933
General: 1925-1935

Committee on Child Welfare: 1919-1921

Committee on Classification of Anthropological Literature

Classification Systems: 1923
General: 1923-1927

Committee on Classification of Army Personnel: 1919

Committee on Classification of Military Personnel

Beginning of Program: 1939

Committee on College Entrance Tests: 1921-1924

Background Material: 1919-1920

Committee on College Student Personnel

Conference on Vocational Guidance in College: 1925
General: 1924-1927

Committee on Discovery & Preservation of Pleistocene Man

"In Quest of Glacial Man": 1931
General: 1931

Committee on Ethnological Utilization of Motion Pictures: 1936-1939

Committee on Experimental Psychology: 1928-1930

Committee on Experimental Study of Human Emotions

Conference on Experimental Study of Human Emotions: 1926
General: 1926-1928

Committee on Financing Publications of Researches in Physical Anthropology: 1924-1925

Committee on Gifted Students

Joint with Division of Educational Relations: 1920-1924

Committee on Handbooks in Psychology

Conference: 1925
Final Disposition of Project: 1928-1929
Survey of Feasibility of Project: 1925-1926
General: 1924-1927

Committee on Initiation of Journal of Psychological Abstracts

Activities Summary: 1919-1921
Beginning of Program: 1919-1920
General: 1920-1921

Committee on Intensive Study of Small Community: 1926-1927

Committee on Morality

Proposed: 1919-1921

Committee on National Association of Directors of Educational Research: 1920-1922

Committee on National Intelligence Tests

Activities Summary: 1921-1932
Tests Manual of Directions: 1921
General: 1920-1929

Committee on Nystagmus Research

Conferences on Nystagmus Research: 1920-1921
General: 1920-1921

Committee on Pelvic Structure: 1926-1927

Committee on Personality in Relation to Culture

Meetings: 1935-1938
Subcommittee on Training Fellowships: 1935-1936
Subcommittee on Handbook of Psychological Leads for Ethnological Field Workers: 1935-1938
General: 1935-1938

Committee on Personnel Research

Beginning of Program: 1920
Test Program: 1924-1927
General: 1920-1927

Committee on Prediction of Success of Students Entering Higher Education: 1919-1922

Committee on Preparation of Intelligence Tests for Elementary Schools: 1919

Committee on Problems of Military Psychology: 1919-1922

Committee on Problems of Neurotic Behavior

Beginning of Program: 1937
Experimental Production & Treatment of Behavior Derangement: 1938
Meetings: 1937-1939
"Psychosomatic Medicine": 1938-1939
General: 1937-1939

Committee on Psychiatric Investigations

Conflict re Further Use of Unexpended Budget: 1935-1937
Conflict re Salaried Committee Member: 1932-1934
Final Report: 1932-1934
General: 1931-1935

Committee on Psychological Abstracts

Activities Summary: 1922-1927
Cooperation with Biological Abstracts: 1924-1925
General: 1922-1927

Committee on Psychology of Highway

Activities Summary: 1924-1939
Beginning of Program: 1922-1925
Cooperation with Highway Research Board: 1936-1939
Meetings: 1925-1939
Promotional Tours: 1933-1934
Psychotechnologic Institute Proposed: 1934
Subcommittee on Signals: 1924-1939
Subcommittee on Study of Biographical Records: 1936-1939
Subcommittee on Tests: 1925-1927
Work at Iowa State College: 1931-1939
Work at Ohio State University: 1928-1931
General: 1925-1938

Committee on Public Health Education: 1922

Committee on Public Service

Conference on Civil Aviation: 1939
General: 1939

Committee on Race Characters: 1921-1926

Committee on Racial Problems Joint with SSRC (Social Science Research Council)

Institutionalization of Infants for Controlled Data Accumulation Proposed: 1929-1931
General: 1928-1932

Committee on Research for Deaf

Subcommittees: 1928
General: 1928

Committee on Research on Army Data: 1919-1921

Committee on Russian Translations in Psychology: 1929--1930

Committee on Scientific Problems of Human Migration

Activities Summary: 1922-1927
Background Data: 1919-1924
Beginning of Program: 1922
Chairman: 1922-1925
Conferences: 1922-1925
Liaison with Social Science Research Council: 1923-1925
Meetings: 1923-1925
Projects: 1923-1927
Subcommittee on Form & Use of Vital Statistics: 1925
General: 1922-1925

Committee on Selection & Training of Aircraft Pilots

Beginning of Program
Executive Committee Meetings: 1939

Committee on Special Census of American Indians: 1928-1932

Committee on Specific Problems Outside the US

Anthropological Research in Philippines: 1920-1921
Congo Expedition: 1920-1925
Prehistoric Foundation of France: 1920-1921
Study of Intermarriage & Race Mixture in Hawaii: 1920-1921
General: 1920-1922

Committee on State Archaeological Surveys

Activities Summary: 1920-1937
Beginning of Program: 1919-1920
Ceramics Repository at U of Michigan: 1927
Conference of Indianapolis Archaeological: 1935
Conference on Midwestern Archaeology: 1929
Conference on Southern Pre-History: 1932
Conference on State Archaeological Surveys: 1923
Correspondence with Archaeologists: 1921-1923
Degrees in Anthropology: 1927-1933
Meetings: 1928-1933
Members: 1923-1936
Publications: 1923-1935
Society for American Archaeology: 1933-1934
Subcommittee on Archaeology of Tennessee Valley: 1933-1937
General: 1920-1936

Committee on Study of American Indians: 1926

Committee on Study of American Negro

Liaison with SSRC (Social Science Research Council): 1926-1928
General: 1926-1929

Committee on Survey of South American Indians

Approval of NRC Project by Smithsonian Institution: 1934-1935
Beginning of Program: 1934
Preliminary Survey: 1937
General: 1934-1937

Committee on Tactual Interpretation of Oral Speech & Vocal Control by Deaf

Beginning of Program: 1923-1924
Meetings: 1925
General: 1924-1927

Committee on Vestibular Research

Meetings: 1921-1925
Members: 1921-1927
Projects: 1921-1927
Requests for Funds: 1921-1923
Training Fellowships Proposed: 1921-1922
General: 1921-1928


Appointments: 1920-1938

Conference of Editors & Business Managers of Anthropological & Psychological Periodicals

Instructions in regard to Preparation of Manuscript: 1929
Proceedings: Nov 1928
General: 1928

Conference on Child Welfare: 1921

Conference on Civil Service Examinations

Proceedings: Apr 1922
General: 1922

Conference on Discovery & Preservation of Pleistocene Man: Apr 1931

Conference on Experimental Psychology: Mar 1928

Conference on Experimental Study of Human Emotions

Second: Mar 1926
First: Dec 1925

Conference on Individual Differences

Third: May 1931
Second: Dec 1930
First: May 1930

Conference on Occupational Terminology & Specifications: Jan 1923

Conference on Personalty & Culture: Mar 1935

Conference on Preparation & Publication of Handbook of South American Indians

Proceedings: Jan 1934
General: 1933-1934

Conference on Problems of Deaf (& Hard of Hearing)

Second: Feb 1929
First: Jan 1928

Conference on Racial Differences: Feb 1928

Conference on Regional Phenomena as Research Leads in Science: Apr 1930

Conference on Relation of Psychiatry to Psychology: 1921

Conference on Use of Mental Tests in College: Dec 1921

Conference on Vocational Guidance

Second: May 1924
First: Jan 1923

Director of National Intelligence Tests: 1924-1927

Executive Committee Meetings: 1919-1939

Grants-In-Aid in Field of Anthropology & Psychology

Formal Listing: 1929-1936


Formal Listing: 1919-1939


Annual: 1920-1939

Nominating Committee

Conflict re Membership of Committee: 1926

"Opportunities for Coordination in Anthropological & Psychological Research"

Wissler C.: 1920


Chairmanship: 1919-1929
Conflicts: 1919-1936
Past Chairmen's Appraisal of Division Accomplishments: 1931
General: 1919-1936


Early Projects of Division: Corresponding Committees: 1921
Index of "American Anthropologist": 1927-1929
International Directory of Anthropologists: 1936-1938
List of Disyllable Words & Paralogs: 1933-1935
Promotion of Anthropology in Universities: 1920-1937
Publication of Ruml Tables for Computation of rho: 1920
Questionnaire on Employment of Psychologists: 1933-1934
Questionnaire on Subconscious: 1924
Recommendations to Pan-Pacific Science Congress: 1920
Report of Anthropologists on Anthropological Research in US: 1919
Survey of South American Indians: 1931-1933
Units of Measurement for Fundamental Traits in Human Nature: 1921-1922
War Service Records of Psychologists: 1919

Projects Proposed

Child Welfare Among Indians: 1931
Deception Test: 1919
Integrity of Life Cycle: Boas F: 1930-1932
Later Maturity: 1928
Personnel Fatigue: 1923-1925
General: 1920-1925


Formal Listing: 1920-1931

Reorganization of Division: 1933

Representatives from Division

Bureau of Public Personnel Administration: 1922-1927
Character Education Institution: 1921-1926
National Street & Highway Safety Conference: 1924-1926
Pan-Pacific Science Congress: 1920-1936
Personnel Research Federation: 1921-1927
Survey Committee on Laboratory of Anthropology: 1936
Technical Committee on Occupational Classification & Standards: 1933-1938
General: 1927-1936

Representatives to Division

American Assoc for Advancement of Science: 1919-1926
American Anthropological Assoc: 1919-1926
American Psychological Assoc: 1919-1925
National Assoc of Directors of Educational Research: 1922-1933
General: 1919-1936

General: 1919-1939

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National Intelligence Tests

World Book Company: 1919-1935


Funds: Grants

Division of Anthropology & Psychology: 1919-1933
National Intelligence Tests Royalties Use: 1936-1939


AGENCIES & Departments


US Employment Service Conference on Occupational Standards: 1933




School Scale Board Final Report: 1921



Bi-Monthly Reports: 1924-1939

Committee on Psychology of Highway

Annual Reports: 1926-1939
Manual of Tests for Automobile Drivers: 1934
Psychological Principles of Automotive Driving: 1930

Committee on Scientific Problems of Human Migration

Annual Reports: 1923-1926
Final Report: 1928
Work of Committee on Scientific Problems of Human Migration: 1924

Committee on Tactual Interpretation of Oral Speech & Vocal Control by Deaf

Investigator's Reports: 1924-1927

Psychological Work of NRC

Yerkes R. M.: 1923

Summary of War Activities of Committee on Psychology: 1919

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