Division Collections

Division of Anthropology and Psychology, 1940-1962


INSTITUTIONS Associations Individuals

Committee on Recovery of Archaeological Remains: 1958

Human Relations Area Files Inc: Function & Scope: 1953

New York Zoological Society: 1959

Society for American Archaeology: 1958

Society for Research in Child Development: 1940-1947



Activities Summary: 1919-1954

Appointments: Members: 1940-1962

Board of Clinical Psychology: 1945-1948

"Borderland Division of NRC": 1954

Chairmen of Division: 1941-1949

Committee on Africa: 1951-1955

Committee on African Anthropology: 1942-1949

Committee on Analysis of Service Occupations & Tasks: 1943-1944

Committee on Anthropology of Oceania: 1942-1946

Committee on Applied Psychology & War: 1944-1945

Committee on Archaeological Idenfication: 1955-1957

Committee on Archaeological Terminology1951-1956

Committee on Asia: 1950-1959

Committee on Aviation Psychology: 1947-1952

Committee on Basic Needs in American Archaeology: 1940-1948

Committee on Behavioral Research: 1960-1962

Committee on Child Development: 1940-1962

Committee on Classification of Military Personnel: 1940-1945

Committee on Cultural Ecology: 1958-1959

Committee on Disaster Studies: 1951-1962

Committee on Food Habits: 1940-1947

Committee on History of Psychology & War: 1943-1949

Committee on Human Aspects of Observational Procedures: 1941-1942

Committee on International Directory of Anthropologists: 1956-1961

Committee on International Directory of Psychologists: 1955-1959

Committee on International Relations in Anthropology: 1944-1961

Committee on International Relations in Psychology: 1944-1961

Committee on Latin America: 1950-1962

Committee on Latin American Anthropology: 1945-1949

Committee on Latin American Psychology: 1944-1946

Committee on Living Habits: 1945

Committee on Military Psychology: 1955-1961

Committee on Non-Human Primate Behavior: 1960-1961

Committee on Personality in Relation to Culture: 1940-1941

Committee on Physical Anthropology: 1952-1958

Committee on Primary Records: 1955-1959

Committee on Problems of Neurotic Behavior: 1940-1944

Committee on Release of Psychological Tests: 1944-1946

Committee on Research in Physical Anthropology: 1949-1952

Committee on Salvage Archaeology: 1957

Committee on Selection & Training of Aircraft Pilots: 1940-1947

Committee on Selection & Training of Scientific Personnel: 1948-1949

Committee on Sensory Devices: 1945-1956

Committee on Service Personnel Selection & Training: 1942-1943

Committee on Survey of South American Indians: 1940-1947

Committee on War Services of Anthropologists: 1943-1947

Committees: Appointments: 1941-1947

Conference on Anthropological Problems Relating to Latin America: 1940

Conference on Disaster Studies: 1951

Conference on Governmental Services in Psychology: 1940

Conference on Military Psychology: 1944 & 1955

Conference on Physical Anthropology: 1949

Conference on Psychological Factors in Morale: 1940

Disaster Research Group: 1951-1962

Emergency Committee in Psychology: 1940-1946

Ethnogeographic Board: 1942

Executive Committee: 1940

Executive Secretary: Britten M H: 1942

Human Environments in Middle Africa Project: 1958-1961

Meetings: Annual: 1940-1958

National Intelligence Tests: 1953-1955

Pacific Committee on Anthropological Sciences: 1946-1954

Policy: 1941-1948

Projects: 1940-1942

Representatives from Division: 1940-1957

General: 1940-1949



Committee on Selection & Training of Aircraft Pilots: 1943


Division of Anthropology & Psychology: 1940-1961


AGENCIES & Departments

Interior: National Park Service: 1940-1941

Navy: Personnel Training: Manual: 1944-1945

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