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Division of Biology and Agriculture, 1919-1939

Correspondence & Committee Records
(Note: Reports are kept in a separate records group.)


Concilium Bibliographicum

Activities: Summary: 1919-1927
AAAS-NRC Committee: Advisory to Rockefeller Foundation: 1920-1922
NRC Committee: Beginning of Program: 1920
NRC Committee: Conference on Bibliography: Proceedings: Mar 1923
NRC Committee: Conference on Bibliography: General: 1923
NRC Committee: End of Program: 1925-1927
NRC Committee: Reorganization of Concilium Bibliographicum: 1921-1923
NRC Committee: Requests for Support: Rockefeller Foundation: 1921-1926
NRC Committee: Requests for Support: General: 1923-1926
NRC Committee: General: 1921-1924

INSTITUTIONS Associations Individuals

American Biological Society: Proposed: 1937

Botanical Society of America: 1919-1939

Commission on Standardization of Biological Stains

Question re NRC as Fiscal Agent: 193-1924
General: 1922-1929

Crop Protection Institute: 1920-1939

Ecological Society of America: 1919-1939

Institute for Research in Tropical America

Barro Colorado Biological Laboratory: Beginning of Program: 1922-1923
Barro Colorado Biological Laboratory: Designation as Federal Reserve: Proposed: 1939
Barro Colorado Biological Laboratory: Requests for Support: 1925-1929
Barro Colorado Biological Laboratory: General: 1923-1939
Newsletters: 1922-1924
General: 1921-1939

Long Island Biological Association

Cold Spring Harbor Biological Laboratory: 1921

Societies Cooperating with Division of Biology & Agriculture: 1919-1939

Tropical Plant Research Foundation

Revitalization Proposed: 1937
General: 1919-1931

Union of American Biological Societies

Conference on Functions of UABS: Mar 1931
Formation: 1922
General: 1923-1927; 1931-1937

Williams & Wilkins Co: 1919-1921

Wistar Institute: 1920-1922

General: 1919-1939


Biological Abstracts

Beginning: Summary: 1919-1926
Incorporation: 1927
Requests for Support: Rockefeller Foundation: 1926-1928; 1930-1937
Requests for Support: General: 1928-1938
Sectioning of Journal: 1938-1939
Suit brought against Biological Abstracts: Detlefsen J A: 1927-1930
Trustees: Meetings: 1927-1939
General: 1926; 1927-1929; 1930-1933; 1934-1935; 1936-1939

Botanical Abstracts: 1919-1926

Concilium Bibliographicum

Cooperation with Biological Abstracts: Proposed: 1923-1926; 1931-1934
Cooperation with Zoological Record: Proposed: 1921-1923
Founder: Field H H: Obituary: 1921
Publicity: Compilation: 1924
Requests for Support: Rockefeller Foundation: Question re Similarity to Research Information Service Plans: 1919-1920
Subscription Lists: USA: 1927
General: 1919-1926

Ecology: 1931-1932

General: 1919-1939




Index to Division Projects Committees Funds & Publications: 1929
Summary: 1932

Advisory Board of American Institute of Baking: 1919-1927

Advisory Board of National Canners Association: 1920-1925

Advisory Committee: 1925-1932


Chairmen: 1922-1939
Members: 1919; 1920-1924; 1925-1929; 1930-1934; 1935-1939

Committee on Aerobiology

Chairman: Death: 1938
Meetings: 1937-1939
General: 1937-1939

Committee on Agronomy

Meetings :1920-1922
Permanent Pastures & Meadows Project: Beginning: 1920-1921
Permanent Pastures & Meadows Project: Proposal: 1923
Permanent Pastures & Meadows Project: General: 1923-1924
Subcommittee on Fertilizers: 1921-1925
Subcommittee on Physiological Salt Requirements of Plants: 1921-1922
Subcommittee on Plant Nutrition: 1922-1925
Subcommittee on Soils: 1923-1931
General: 1921-1923

Committee on Animal Breeding: 1924-1932

Committee on Animal Nutrition

Conference on Energy Metabolism: Proceedings: Jun 1935
General: 1929-1935

Committee on Aquiculture

Proposals: 1926-1932
General: 1925-1936

Committee on Atmosphere & Man: 1921-1928

Committee on Baldwin Bird Research Laboratory: 1935-1936

Committee on Barro Colorado Biological Laboratory: 1938-1939

Committee on Bibliography & Publication

Activities: Summary: 1919-1920
Beginning of Program: 1919
Botanical Abstracts: 1919-1920
Williams & Wilkins Co: 1919
Wistar Institute: Question re Control of Journals: 1919-1920
Wistar Institute: General: 1919-1920
General: 1919-1921

Committee on Biological Abstracts

Questionnaire re Use of Abstracts: 1934-1935
General: 1934-1935

Committee on Biological Laboratory of Long Island Biological Assn: 1928-1930

Committee on Biological Processes of Aging

Prospectus: 1939
Subcommittee on Program for Research: 1938-1939
General: 1938-1939

Committee on Biological Relations between Flowers & Insects 1921-1923

Committee on Biological Research in Tropical America

Subcommittee on Phytopathological Research: 1919-1920

Committee on Borderland Problems in Life Sciences

Conference on Experimental Neuroses & Allied Problems: 1937
Meetings: 1937
General: 1935-1937

Committee on Catalogue of Generic Names of Plants & Animals: 1921-1922

Committee on Cellular Physiology

Beginning of Program: 1937
General: 1937-1938

Committee on Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory: 1936

Committee on Cooperation & Coordination (with Biologists & Societies): 1919-1922

Committee on Ecology of Grasslands

Beginning of Program: 1932-1933
Grasslands Research Foundation: Proposed: 1934
Great Plains National Monument: Proposed: 1937-1938
Meetings: 1933-1937
General: 1933-1939

Committee on Educational Relations: 1919-1932

Committee on Effects of Radiation on Living Organisms

Beginning of Program: 1928
Publications Resulting from Committee Grants: Listing: 1929-1935
Requests for Support: Foundations: 1928-1934
Requests for Support: General: 1928-1931
Subcommittee on Allotment of Grants: Meetings: 1929-1934
Subcommittee on Allotment of Grants: General: 1928-1934
Subcommittee on Mitogenetic Radiation: Conference: 1934
Subcommittee on Mitogenetic Radiation: Requests for Support: Rockefeller Foundation: 1933
Subcommittee on Mitogenetic Radiation: General: 1933-1934
Subcommittee on Survey: 1929-1934
General: 1928-1934

Committee on Establishment of Collection of Wild Relatives of Important Plants: 1938-1939

Committee on Experimental Animals & Plants: 1928-1931

Committee on Family Records: 1922-1931

Committee on Fertilizers

Subcommittee on Physiological Salt Requirements of Plants: 1920-1921
General: 1919-1921

Committee on Food & Nutrition

Meetings: 1919-1924
National Institute of Nutrition: Proposed: 1921
Subcommittee on Animal Nutrition: 1919-1928
General: 1919-1921; 1922-1927

Committee on Forestry

Collection of Statistics re World Forest Resources: 1921-1929
International Forest Bibliography: Proposed: 1923-1924
Question re Further Use of Unexpended Budget: 1938-1939
General: 1919-1939

Committee on Genetics of Pathogenic Organisms

Symposium: 1937-1939
General: 1937-1939

Committee on Group Representation: 1924-1926

Committee on Human Heredity

Beginning of Program: 1929
Subcommittee on Family Records: 1931-1934
General: 1930-1939

Committee on Maintenance of Collection of Type Cultures of Bacteria: 1923-1925

Committee on Marine Biological Laboratory

Activities: Summary: 1919-1924
General: 1919; 1921-1924

Committee on Marine Borer Investigations

Joint with Division of Engineering: 1921

Committee on Marine Piling Investigations

Joint with Division of Engineering: 1922-1923

Committee on Mount Desert Island Laboratory: 1924-1925

Committee on Nomenclature of Unicellular Organisms: 1928-1932

Committee on Oceanography: 1919-1923

Committee on Organization & Incorporation of Institute for Research in Tropical America: 1920-1921

Committee on Pacific Botanical Gardens

Beginning of Program: 1926-1927
General: 1927

Committee on Pharmacognosy & Pharmaceutical Botany

Beginning of Program: 1920-1923
Medicinal Plant Survey: 1927-1939
Meetings: 1924-1932
Membership: 1923-1938
Plant Science Laboratory Seminars: 1925-1927
General: 1923-1939

Committee on Physiological Salt Requirements of Plants

End of Program: 1919-1920
General: 1919

Committee on Phytopathology in Tropics: 1919-1925

Committee on Policy: 1926-1927

Committee on Preservation of Natural Conditions: 1937-1938

Committee on Publications: Joint with Union of American Biological Societies

Activities: Summary: 1922-1927
Beginning of Program: 1922
Botanical Abstracts: 1924
Comprehensive System of Biological Abstracts: Proposed: 1922-1924
Comprehensive System of Biological Abstracts: Referendum: 1923-1924
Conference of Biological Editors on Authors' Abstracts: Proceedings: Dec 1922
Conference of Biological Editors on Authors' Abstracts: General: 1923
Foreign Cooperation: Britain: 1923-1925
Foreign Cooperation: European Trip: 1924
Foreign Cooperation: General: 1924-1925
Meetings: 1922-1925
Question re AAAS Representation on Committee: 1922-1924
Requests for Support: Rockefeller Foundation: 1935-1939
General: 1922-1925

Committee on Radiation

Meetings: 1935-1938
Publications Resulting from Committee Grants: Listing: 1935-1939
Requests for Support: Rockefeller Foundation: 1935-1939
Subcommittee on Mitogenetic Radiation: 1935-1938
General: 1935-1939

Committee on Relation of Research Institutes to Educational Institutions

Proposed: 1921

Committee on Research Publications

Conference of Biological Editors: Proceedings: Jan 1932
Conference of Biological Editors: General: 1931-1932
General: 1924-1932; 1933-1934

Committee on Scientific Research in Philippines & Other Tropical Countries: 1920

Committee on Standardization of Biological Stains

End of Program: 1922
General: 1921-1922

Committee on Stream Pollution: Proposed: 1923

Committee on Sub-Tropical Biological Institute: 1925-1926

Committee on Tropical Research: 1926-1934

Committee on Wild Life

Biological Survey Research Units: 1935-1936
End of Program: 1936
Meetings: 1932-1936
Question re Chairmanship: 1934
Question re Conservation Projects Funded by Gun Manufacturers: 1930-1934
Subcommittee on Training for Administrative & Educational Work in Wild Life Problems: 1932-1935
General: 1931-1933; 1934-1936

Committee on Wild Life & Natural Reserves

Change of Name: 1937
Meetings: 1936
General: 1936-1937

Committee to Secure Lists of Current Problems: 1919-1921

Committees on Cooperation

Activities: Summary: 1920-1929
American Assoc of Economic Entomologists: 1923-1929
American Phytopathological Society: Projects: 1919-1922
American Phytopathological Society: Subcommittee on Phytopathology of Tropics: 1921-1923
American Phytopathological Society: General: 1919-1923
American Society for Horticultural Science: 1920-1925
American Society of Zoologists: 1920-1923
Botanical Society of America: 1923
Ecological Society of America: 1920-1922

Conference of Plant Pathologists Entomologists & Manufacturers of Fungicides & Insecticides: Jun 1920

Conference on Federation of American Biological Societies

Second: Proceedings: Apr 1922
Second: General: 1922
First: Dec 1921

Conference on Inheritance & Breeding of Cattle: Apr 1923

Conference on Maintenance of Pure Genetic Strains: Proposed: 1939

Conference on Research in Tropical America

Proceedings: Jun 1920
General: 1920

Conference on Scientific Research in Philippines & Other Tropical Countries

Proceedings: Nov 1920
General: 1920-1922

Conference on Standardization of Biological Stains

Proceedings: Nov 1921
General: 1921

Conference on Wild Life

Proceedings: Feb 1931
General: 1930-1931

Directories: 1919-1929; 1930-1939

Executive Committee Meetings: 1919; 1920-1924; 1925-1929; 1930-1934; 1935-1939


Organization Meeting: Apr 1919
Status of Agriculture in Division: 1919


Annual: 1920-1924; 1925-1929; 1930-1934; 1935-1939
Organizational: Apr 1919

Members: Memorials: 1923-1938

News Letters: 1919-1926

Pan American Union Advisory Committee: 1928-1933


Aboriginal Botany & Native Plant Resources of South America: 1923
Bermuda Biological Station: 1926-1927
Brooklyn Botanic Garden: 1932
Catalogue of Unpublished Bibliographies in Biology: 1922
Committee on Preservation of Natural Conditions of Ecological Society of America: 1920-1921
Glacier Bay Ecological Survey: 1926
Glacier Bay National Monument: Formation: 1923-1924
Mulford Expedition: 1919-1922
Mycological Exploration of Tropical Countries: 1925-1926
Naples Zoological Station: 1938-1939
Peppermint Investigations: 1920-1921
Proposed: Biochemical Differences between Sexes: 1927
Proposed: "Bioclimatics": 1934-1935
Proposed: Committee on Preservation of Natural Conditions of Ecological Society of America: 1922-1923
Proposed: Delta Soils Investigations: 1922
Proposed: Laboratory for Research in Abstract Bacteriology: 1920
Proposed: Naples Zoological Station: 1924
Proposed: Oenothera Investigations: Schull G H: 1922-1923
Proposed: Phenological Investigations: 1934
Proposed: Potash Development: 1924
Proposed: Survey of Agricultural Conditions: 1926
Proposed: Wheats of World: Carleton M A
Publications: 1919-1939
Questionnaire re Division's Achievements & Goals: 1932-1939
Questionnaire re Possible Forms of Activity of NRC: 1919
Reconstruction of Instruction & Research: 1919
Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory: 1932-1933
Rust Investigations: Arthur JC: 1920-1929
Tomato Products Investigation: 1921-1922

Publication Board: Proposed: 1920

Publications: Listing: 1919-1929

Societies Cooperating with Division

Listing: 1919-1939
General: 1919-1929

General: 1919; 1920; 1921; 1922; 1923; 1924-1939



Funds: Grants: Division of Biology & Agriculture: 1919-1939


AGENCIES & Departments



North American Wildlife Conference: 1936

FOREIGN Governments

Philippines: Bureau of Science: Division of Fisheries: "Albatross" Collection: 1922-1923

League of Nations

International Committee on Intellectual Cooperation: Subcommittee on Bibliography: 1922-1927

Pan-American Union: 1928-1933

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