Series 8: ABCC Reports, 1947-1972. Series contains reports issued by the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission, including Annual, Semi-Annual, and Quarterly Reports; also includes unpublished reports. Approximately 4.25 linear feet.

Annual & Semi-Annual Reports: Correspondence: l947-l969

Annual & Semi-Annual Reports: Distribution Lists: 1947-1970

Annual Reports: 1960-1972

Annual Reports: 1957-1960

Directors Summary Report to Adv Com & Japan Adv Council: May 1961

Directors Progress Report: May 1960

Semi-Annual Report: Jan-Jun 1957

Semi-Annual Report: Jul-Dec 1956

Semi-Annual Report: Jan-Jun 1956

Semi-Annual Report: Jul-Dec 1955

Semi-Annual Report: Jan-Jun 1955

Semi-Annual Report: Jul-Dec 1954

Semi-Annual Report: Jan-Jun 1954

Semi-Annual Report: Jul-Dec 1953

Semi-Annual Report: Jan-Jun 1953

Semi-Annual Report: Jul-Dec 1952

Semi-Annual Report: Jan-Jun 1952

Semi-Annual Report: Jul-Dec 1951

Interim Report: Jan-Jun 1951

Quarterly Report: Jan-Mar 1951

Annual Report: Jan-Dec 1950

Annual Report: Appendices: Jan-Dec 1950

Quarterly Report: Jul-Sept 1950

Quarterly Reports: Apr-Jun 1950

Quarterly Reports: Research: Apr-Jun 1950

Quarterly Reports: Jan-Mar 1950

Annual Report: Kure: Jan-Dec 1949

Special Report: 1949

Special Report: Appendices 1-17: 1949

Special Report: Appendices 18-16: 1949

General Report: Jan 1947

General Report: Photographs: Jan 1947

A-Bomb & Architecture: Muto K: 1952

Adrenal Function as Measured by Thorn Tests of Heavily Irradiated Adults Seven Years After Exposure to Atomic Bomb: Lange R D & Fujii T: 1953

Analysis of Hiroshima & Nagasaki Surgical Specimens: 1952

Analysis of Pediatric Medical Examination of Hiroshima "1000-Meter" Children & Their Controls: Sutow W: 1952

Arterial Hypertension in Japanese: Brown H E: 1953

Atomic Bomb Casualties & Damages: Summary: Japan Science Council: 1952

Comparison of Skeletal Maturation w Dental Status in Children: Sutow W et al: 1953

Effect of Christianity on Consanguinity in Nagasaki: Schull W: 1951(?)

Effects of Radiation on Development of Jaw: Ohta S: 1953

Effects of Radiation on Human Dentition: Terasaki T & Shiota K: 1953

Evaluation of Flush Technique for Determination of Blood Pressure: Sullivan M: 1954

Follow-up Studies of Congenital Dysplasia of Hip Joint: Wood J W: 1953

Glossary of Medical Terms & Expressions: Sutow W: 1953

Growth & Development Program of ABCC: Reynolds E: 1952

Hematological Statistical & Genetic Study of Ovalocytosis: Fujii T et al: 1953

Interim Report on Project CY-7: Kodani M: 1953

Leukemia in Atomic Bomb Survivors I: Lange R D et al: 1953

Leukemia in Atomic Bomb Survivors II: Lange R D et al: 1953

Leukemia in Atomic Bomb Survivors III: Lange R D et al: 1954

Linkage in Man: Pelgers Nuclear Anomaly Taste & Blood Groups: Moloney W C & Fujii

T: 1953

Medical Survey of Atomic Bomb Casualties: Shirabe R: n.d.

Ovarian Function Following Induced Abortion: Suzuki M & Watanabe T: 1952

Patient Rapport in Foreign Country: Matsumoto Y S: 1952

Pelger-Huet Familial Anomaly of Leucocytes: Yamasowa Y et al: 1952

Physical Fitness Studies in Children Exposed to Atomic Bomb in Hiroshima: Sutow W et [<dd>]al: 1953

Physical Growth of Hiroshima Children Exposed to Atomic Bomb: Reynolds E: 1952

Refractory Anemia Occurring in Survivors: Lange R D et al: 1952

Skeletal Maturation in Healthy Japanese Children: Sutow W & Ohwada K: 1953

Standard Operating Procedures: Bacteriology: 1952

Standard Operating Procedures: Biochemistry: 1952

Standard Operating Procedures: Hematology: 1952

Standard Operating Procedures: Parasitology: 1952

Status of Lenticular Opacities Caused by Atomic Radiation: Sinskey R: 1953

Studies on Skeletal Development in Japanese Children: Takahashi Y: 1956

Studies on Skeletal Maturation: Sutow W: 1953

Symposium of Exposed Survivors: 1952

Tuberculous Hemagglutination in Latent Genital Tuberculosis: Suzuki M: 1953

Weltmann Serum Coagulation Reaction in Japanese Exposed: Poole R F Jr: 1951

Unpublished Reports: A-D: 1959-1969

Unpublished Reports: F-G: 1953-1969

Unpublished Reports: H: 1952-1969

Unpublished Reports: Hachiya: Hiroshima Diary: 1954-1965

Unpublished Reports: Henshaw: References on Human Radiobiology: 1958

Unpublished Reports: Ihno et al: 1963

Unpublished Reports: Jacobs et al: Malignant Neoplasia: 1959-1965

Unpublished Reports: Jacobs et al: Some Further Studies: 1956-1958

Unpublished Reports: Johnson et al: 1965-1967

Unpublished Reports: Jordan S: 1965-1967

Unpublished Reports: Kastenbaum: 1955

Unpublished Reports: Kastenbaum: Correspondence: 1954-1955

Unpublished Reports: Kato et al: 1968

Unpublished Reports: Kawamoto: 1955-1961

Unpublished Reports: Ki-Kn: 1950-1963

Unpublished Reports: Kikuchi: 1950-1957

Unpublished Reports: Kodani: 1953-1955

Unpublished Reports: K-L: 1953-1967

Unpublished Reports: Matsumoto: 1950-1969

Unpublished Reports: Matsuura: 1966-1967

Unpublished Reports: Morton et al: 1953-1955

Unpublished Reports: Muto: 1952-1953

Unpublished Reports: Nakamura: 1962-1964

Unpublished Reports: Niwayama: 1968

Unpublished Reports: Ohta: 1955-1962

Unpublished Reports: Owenby et al: 1954-1955

Unpublished Reports: O-P: 1951-1970

Unpublished Reports: R: 1950-1969

Unpublished Reports: Schreiber: 1969

Unpublished Reports: Sears: 1956-1963

Unpublished Reports: Sullivan: 1956-1958

Unpublished Reports: Sutow: Analysis of Pediatric Medical Examination: 1952-1954

Unpublished Reports: Sutow: Glossary of Medical Terms: 1953

Unpublished Reports: Sutow: Studies on Children Exposed in utero: 1954-1955

Unpublished Reports: Sutow: Studies on Skeletal Maturation: 1953-1955

Unpublished Reports: Sutow: Summary of Medical Studies: 1956-1957

Unpublished Reports: Sutow et al: 1953

Unpublished Reports: Sutow et al: Neurological & Psychometric Examination of Children

Exposed in utero: 1953-1961

Unpublished Reports: Sutow & Ohwada: Skeletal Maturation: 1953

Unpublished Reports: Suzuki: 1953

Unpublished Reports: Takahashi: 1956-1957

Unpublished Reports: T: 1953-1968

Unpublished Reports: Ueda & Yano: 1963

Unpublished Reports: W: 1953-1968

Unpublished Reports: Woodbury: 1953

Unpublished Reports: V-Y: 1951-1970

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