Series 9: Reprints, 1947-1969. Series contains reprints of articles by ABCC researchers. Approximately 1 linear foot.

Awa & Bloom: Cytogenetics at ABCC: 1967

Beebe: Statistical Aspects of Program of ABCC: 1961

Bishop & Bogitch: Automatic Shadowing Device for Electron Microscopy: 1961

Black-Schaffer et al: Neonatal Jaundice & Kernicterus: 1954

Blaisdell et al: Clinical Epidemiological & Physiological Studies of Anemia in Atomic Bomb Survivors & Control Individuals in Japan: 1960

Block & Tsuzuki: Observations of Burn Scars Sustained by Atomic Bomb Survivors: 1948

Bugher: Delayed Radiation Effects at Hiroshima & Nagasaki: 1952

Burrow et al: Study of Adolescents Exposed in utero to A-Bomb in Nagasaki: 1964

Burrows: Irradiation in utero: 1965

Burrow et al: Serum Butanol Extractable Iodine Values of Adolescents Exposed: 1962

Burmeister & Hamilton: Infantile Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis in Four Siblings: 1964

Cogan et al: Ophthalmologic Survey of Atomic Bomb Survivors in Japan 1949: 1950

Cogan Donaldson & Reese: Clinical & Pathological Characteristics of Radiation

Cataract: 1952

Cogan Martin & Kimura: Atom Bomb Cataracts: 1949

Fillmore: Report of Medical Examination on 78 Hiroshima Patients with Radiation Cataracts: 1951

Fujii Moloney & Morton: Data on Linkage of Ovalocytosis & Blood Groups: 1955

Greulich Crismon & Turner: Physical Growth & Development of Children who Survived A-Bombings: 1953

Ham: Radiation Cataracts: 1953

Hamilton Neel Kobara & Ozaki: Frequency in Japan of Carriers of Rare Recessive Gene Causing Acatal: 1961

Hamilton Neel Kobara & Ozaki: Second International Conference of Human Genetics: 1961

Hattori Ishimaru Russell & Kogure: Frequency & Position of Pineal Gland Calcification

in Japanese Population: 1964

Hattori Ishimaru Russell & Kogure: Size of Pituitary Fossa & Prevalence of Certain Benign Intracranial: 1965

Heyssel Brill et al: Leukemia in Hiroshima A-Bomb Survivors: 1960

Hollingsworth: Delayed Radiation Effects in Survivors of A-Bombings: 1960

Hoshino & Crowley: Treatment of Acute Leukemia w Steroids & Antimetabolites: 1958

Howell Krooth & Hamilton: Second International Conference on Human Genetics: 1961

Ishibashi: Clinical Observations of A-Bomb Sickness: 1951

Ishimaru & Blaisdell: Studies of Factors in Decline of Leukocyte Count in Hiroshima & Nagasaki 1947-1959: 1960

Jacobs Lynch Cronkite & Bond: Human Radiation Injury: 1963

Kanamitsu Morita Finch et al: Serologic Response of A-Bomb Survivors Following Asian Influenza Vaccination: 1966

Katayama: Vesicoureteral Reflux & Other Findings in Micturition Cystography: 1967

Katayama Sawada Yoshinaga et al: Thorium Dioxide Angiography Followed by Bile Duct: 1969

Kawamoto Fujino & Fujisawa: Study of Ophthalmologic Status in Children Exposed to A-Bomb in utero: 1968

Kikuchi & Wakisaka: Hematological Investigation of A-Bomb Sufferers in Hiroshima & Nagasaki Cities: 1952

Kimura & Ikui: Atomic Bomb Radiation Cataract: 1951

Kimura Hiramoto & Buncher: Gastric Xanthelasma: 1969

Kirschbaum Matsuo & Nishimura: Reticulum Cell Sarcoma of Thyroid: 1969

Kirshbaum: Congenital Invagination of Penis into Urinary Bladder: 1969

Kirshbaum: Case of Myositis Ossificans Simulating Parosteal Osteogenic Sarcoma: 1968

Kodani: Sodium Ribose Nucleate & Mitosis: 1948

Kodani: Three Diploid Chromosome Numbers of Man: 1952

Krooth Howell & Hamilton: Properties of Acatalasic Cells Growing in vitro: 1961

Lange Wright et al: Refractory Anemia Occurring in Survivors of A-Bombings: 1954

Matsumoto: Patient Rapport in Hiroshima: 1954

Margoles et al: Kernicterus in Japanese Infants: 1960

Miller: Distant Visual Acuity Loss Among Japanese Grammar School Children: 1963

Miller: Safeguarding Children From Radiation Risks: 1956

Maki & Nagai: Summary of Research Activities at Hiroshima & Nagasaki Branch Laboratories: 1967

Miller & Anderson: Retrolental Mass in Incontinentia Pigmenti: 1966

Miyaji & Oba: Hemoglobin Hijiyama: New Fast-moving Hemoglobin in Japanese Family: 1968

Moloney: Leukemia in Survivors of Atomic Bombings: 1955

Moloney & Kastenbaum: Leukemogenic Effects of Ionizing Radiation on A-Bomb Survivors: 1955

Moloney & Lange: Leukemia in A-Bomb Survivors II: Observations on Early Phases: 1954

Moloney & Lange: Cytologic & Biochemical Studies on Granulocytes in Early Leukemia: 1954

Morton: Non-Randomness in Consanguineous Marriage: 1955

Morton: Inheritance of Human Birth Weight: 1955

Morton Moloney & Fujii: Linkage in Man: Pelger's Nuclear Anomaly: 1954

Murphy & Yasuda: Carcinoma of Stomach in Hiroshima: 1958

Murphy Fujii Yasuda & Sasabe: Tuberous Sclerosis Complex: 1958

Namiki: Subacute Necrotizing Encephalomyelopathy: 1965

Neel: Atomic Bombs Inbreeding & Japanese Genes: Russel Lecture: 1966

Neel: Study of Major Congenital Defects in Japanese Infants: 1958

Neel & Schull: Effect of Inbreeding on Mortality & Morbidity in Two Japanese Cities: 1962

Neel & Schull: Genetic Effects of Atomic Bombs: 1962

Neel Kodani Brewer & Anderson: Incidence of Consanguineous Matings in Japan: 1949

Neel Morton Schull & McDonald: Effects of Exposure of Parents to A-Bombs on First Generation Offspring in Hiroshima: 1953

Neel Schull Mcdonald et al: Effect of Exposure to A-Bombs on Pregnancy Terminations in Hiroshima & Nagasaki: 1953

Neel et al: Genetic Effects of Atomic Bombs in Hiroshima & Nagasaki: 1947

Nehemias: Multivariate Analysis & IBM 704 Computer Applied to ABCC Data on Growth: 1961

Newell: Relative Importance of Late Sequelae of Irradiation in Man: 1961

Niswander & Sujaku: Congenital Anomalies of Teeth in Japanese Children: 1963

Nobechi: Epidemiology of Sarcoidosis in Japan: 1961

Okamoto & Ishii: Test of Independence in Intraclass 2x2 Tables: 1961

Omori Morrow Ishimaru et al: Buccal Smear Survey for Sex Chromatin Aberration in Hiroshima High School: 1969

Plummer: Anomalies Occurring in Children Exposed in utero to A-Bomb in Hiroshima: 1952

Rudnick & Anderson: Diabetes Mellitus in Hiroshima Japan: 1962

Rudnick Hoshino Kitaoka & Miura: Tuberous Sclerosis Complex & Astrocytoma: 1961

Rudnick & Takamura: Idiopathic Pulmonary Hemosiderosis: 1961

Russell & Kogure: Transmigration or Prolapse of Esophageal Mucosa: 1964

Russell & Nagata: Spondylolysis Following Trauma: Case Report: 1968

Russell et al: Retained Thorium Dioxide Media in Seminal Vesiculography: 1965

Schull: Effect of Christianity on Consanguinity in Nagasaki: 1953

Schull: Empirical Risks in Consanguineous Marriages: 1958

Schull: Some Problems in Analysis of Multi-Factor Tables: 1961

Schull & Neel: Child Health Survey: Genetic Study in Japan: 1962

Schull & Neel: Radiation & Sex Ratio in Man: 1958

Schull & Neel: Some Further Observations on Effect of Inbreeding: 1966

Seigel: Frequency of Live Births Among Survivors of Hiroshima & Nagasaki Atomic Bombings: 1966

Shirabe: Medical Survey of Atomic Bomb Casualties: 1953

Sinskey: Status of Lenticular Opacities Caused by Atomic Radiation 1951-1953: 1955

Snell: Observations on Hematologic Values of Japanese: 1950

Snell Neel & Ishibashi: Hematologic Studies in Hiroshima & Control City 2 Years After Bombing: 1949

Socolow & Suzuki: Possible Goitrogenic Effects of Selected Japanese Foods: 1964

Socolow Hashizume Neriishi & Nitani: Thyroid Carcinoma in Man After Exposure to Ionizing Radiation: 1963

Sullivan & Kobayashi: Evaluation of Flush Technique for Determination of Blood Pressure: 1955

Sullivan & Takahashi: Incidence of Abnormal Urinary Findings in Children Exposed to A-Bomb in Hiroshima: 1956

Sutow & Pryde: Incidence of Spina Bifida Occulta in Relation to Age: 1956

Sutow & West: Studies on Nagasaki Children Exposed in utero to Atomic Bomb: 1955

Sutow Terasaki & Ohwada: Comparison of Skeletal Maturation with Dental Status in Japanese Children: 1954

Sutow Moloney & Margoles: Kernicterus in Japanese Infants: 1956

Suzuki: Streptomycin Therapy for Asymptomatic Endometrial Tuberculosis: 1955

Suzuki & Watanabe: Ovarian Function Following Induced Abortion: 1954

Suzuki O'Neal & Hartroft: Fractionation of Serum Lipids in Rat Fed Infarct-Producing

Diet: 1961

Switzer: Bacteriuria in Health Population & its Relation to Hypertension: 1961

Switzer: Clean-Voided Urine Culture in Surveying Populations: 1960

Takahara Ogata Kobara & Nishimura: Catalase Protein of Acatalasemic Red Blood Cells: 1962

Takamura & Ueda: Hematologic Findings in Children Exposed to A-Bomb Radiation in utero: 1961

Tsukada: Ectopic Pregnancy Associated with Use of an Intrauterine Contraceptive: 1968

Tucker Yanagihara & Pryde: Method of Roentgenography of Male Genital Tract: 1954

Turner & Takamura: Pseudohypoparathyroidism & Hypothyroidism: 1962

Wald: Blood Picture of Hiroshima A-Bomb Survivors: 1957

Wald: Leukemia in Hiroshima City Atomic Bomb Survivors: 1958

Wald Hoshino & Sears: Therapy of Polycythemia Vera with Myleran: 1958

Wald Truax Sears Suzuki et al: Hematological Findings in Hiroshima & Nagasaki A-Bomb Survivors: 10-year Review: 1956

Wells: Dr. Kaoru Shima: His Recollections of Hiroshima After the A-Bomb: 1958

Wells & Tsukifuji: Scars Remaining in A-Bomb Survivors: 1952

Wilson: Nuclear Radiation at Hiroshima & Nagasaki: 1955

Wright & Wright: Study of Incidence of Congenital Syphilis Among Living Infants: 1954

Yamasowa: Hematologic Studies of Irradiated Survivors in Hiroshima: 1953

Yamasowa Fujii & Tsuchitori: Pelger-Huet Familial Anomaly of Leukocytes: 1952

Yamazaki Wright & Wright: Outcome of Pregnancy in Women Exposed to A-Bomb in Nagasaki: 1954

Yano Sawayama Johnson & Ishimaru: Symposium on Prognosis & Rehabilitation of Conduction Disturbances: 1967

Miscellaneous Reprints: 1950-1969

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