The NAS Building

The Window Panels

Six large bronze panels fill the space between the first- and second-floor windows.The panels depict the progress of science from Greek to modern times by portraying a succession of the great founders, each accompanied by a symbol of his field of work.

From the west end of the building the figures are: Galton, Gibbs, Von Helmholtz, Darwin, Lyell, Faraday; Von Humboldt, Dalton, Lamarck, Watt, Franklin, Huygens; Galileo, da Vinci, Hipparchus, Euclid, Democritus, Thales; Hippocrates, Aristotle, Archimedes, Copernicus, Vesalius, Harvey; Descartes, Newton, Linneaus, Lavoisier, Laplace, Cuvier, Gauss; Carnot, Bernard, Joule, Pasteur, Mendel, Maxwell. They are arranged roughly chronologically, alternating from side to side of the main entrance out to the ends of the building. The cornerstone, at the southwest corner of the building, is identified by the initials of the Academy and the National Research Council. It harbors a box of mementos, including photographs of the act of incorporation of the Academy; a history of the Academy's first 50 years; Woodrow Wilson's executive order perpetuating the NRC; a miscellany of NAS and NRC publications; and a copy of Scribner's magazine for November 1922, with an article by George Ellery Hale entitled "A National Focus of Science and Research."

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Photo by Carol M. Highsmith

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