Ronald L. Phillips

University of Minnesota

Election Year: 1991
Primary Section: 62, Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences
Secondary Section: 25, Plant Biology
Membership Type: Member

Research Interests

The coupling of research advances in plant tissue culture and molecular biology with classical genetics and cytogenetics is at the core of my research interests. These methods are employed to enhance the understanding of the basic biology of cereal crops and to improve those species by innovative methods. Unraveling the genetics of important cereal crop traits has been a common feature of this research; traits include those related to the nutritional composition of cereal grains, the efficiency of crop production and food processing, and the adaptation of crops to specific environments. Cellular and DNA technologies to speed the selection of new plant types useful for agriculture have been developed and used in several biological and agricultural contexts. Bringing the new biology into the mainsteam of agricultural science research to increase global competitiveness while maintaining a safe and secure food supply in concert with the environment is central to the research program.

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