James E. Womack

Texas A&M University-College Station

Primary Section: 61, Animal, Nutritional, and Applied Microbial Sciences
Secondary Section: 41, Medical Genetics, Hematology, and Oncology
Membership Type:
Member (elected 1999)

Research Interests

My research interest is comparative mammalian genomics, particularly comparative mapping of the bovine genome relative to the genomes of humans and mice. Our laboratory initially identified large segments of chromosomal conservation between these diverse mammalian species. We are now engaged in high-resolution radiation hybrid mapping to define rearrangements of gene order that have occurred within these conserved chromosomal segments. This work is leading to a better understanding of mammalian chromosome evolution and is being applied in "comparative candidate positional cloning," a strategy that exploits the human and mouse gene maps in the search for genes of economic significance in cattle.

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