Robert S. Edgar

University of California, Santa Cruz

Election Year: 2007
Primary Section: 26, Genetics
Membership Type: Member

Research Interests

During the first part of my career in genetics I worked with the bacteriophage T4. I discovered temperature sensitive lethals, and in collaboration with R. H. Epstein, identified all of the essential genes of the virus and made preliminary identification of their functions. Then, in collaboration with W. B. Wood, we developed in vitro methods for studying the assembly of the virus from its component proteins and studied some of the assembly steps. During the second phase of my career I worked with the nematode aenorhabitis elegans. We identified a number of genes affecting the morphology and development of the animal and showed that at least some of these genes coded for collagen components of the cuticle. A large number of collagen genes were found in a number of gene families and we found that the cuticles of the different larval stages differed in their composition. I have been retired from both teaching and research for more that 17 years.

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