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Unless otherwise indicated, Sackler colloquia are held at the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center in Irvine, California.

Using Monkey Models to Understand and Develop Treatments for Human Brain Disorders

January 7-8, 2019; Irvine, CA
Organized by: Bob Wurtz, Beth Buffalo, and Tony Movshon
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The Science of Deep Learning

March 13-14, 2019; Washington, D.C.
Organized by: David Donoho, Maithra Raghu, Ali Rahimi, Ben Recht, and Matan Gavish

Advancing the Science and Practice of Science Communication:  Misinformation about Science in the Public Sphere

April 3-4, 2019; Irvine, CA
Organized by: May Berenbaum, Dietram Scheufele, William K. Hallman, Andrew Hoffman, Liz Neeley, and Czerne M. Reid

The Brain Produces Mind by Modeling

May 2-3, 2019; Irvine, CA
Organized by: Richard Shiffrin, Danielle Bassett, Sophie Deneve, Nikolaus Kriegeskorte, and Josh Tenenbaum

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