Division Collections

Division of Physical Sciences, 1919-1939


INSTITUTIONS Associations Individuals

Acoustical Society of America

Constitution Bylaws Members: 1939

American Astronomical Society

Committee on Meteors: 1920
Constitution Bylaws Members: 1938

American Institute of Physics: 1931-1936

American Mathematical Society: 1919-1936

American Standards Association

Committee on Electric & Magnetic Magnitudes & Units: 1935

Corning Glass Works: 1919-1920

Mathematical Assoc of America: 1920

Washington Biophysical Institute: 1934-1939

General: 1923-1937




Historical Summary: 1919-1932
Historical Survey: Draft: 1934
Summary of Projects: 1919

Appointments: Members: 1919-1939

Board of Directors of Washington Biophysical Institute: 1934-1937

Committee on Acoustics: 1920-1923

Committee on Algebraic Numbers: 1920-1923

Committee on Atomic Structure: 1919-1922

Committee on Award

Optical Society of America Prize for Best Paper on Scientific Instruments: 1923-1926

Committee on Bibliography of Mathematical Tables & Aids to Computation

Appointments: Members: 1936
Beginning of Program: 1934-1935
Proposed: 1930-1933
General: 1937-1939

Committee on Biophysics Joint with Division of Medical Sciences

Survey of Possible Research Projects:1919
General: 1920-1921

Committee on Books in Astronomy Physics & Mathematics for Oriental Library: 1938

Committee on Celestial Mechanics: 1919-1923

Committee on Cooperation in Mathematical Projects: 1919-1920

Committee on Electrodynamics of Moving Media: 1919-1923

Committee on Enlargement of Functions of Internatl Bureau of Weights & Measures: 1919-1921

Committee on Hydrodynamics: 1924-1932

Committee on Line Spectra of the Elements

Activities: 1925-1938
Beginning of Program: 1925
General: 1929-1935

Committee on Luminescence: 1919-1923

Committee on Mathematical Analysis of Statistics: 1922

Committee on Orbit Theory: 1920-1922

Committee on Parallaxes: 1919-1922

Committee on Photo-Electric Effects: 1919-1922

Committee on Physics Bulletins: 1923

Committee on Physics of the Earth: 1927-1938

Physics of the Earth Series: 1938

Committee on Physiological Optics: 1921-1923

Committee on Proposed Mathematical Dictionary: 1919

Committee on Pyrometry

Proposed: 1921

Committee on Quantum Theory

Proposed: 1928

Committee on Relation between Physics & Medical Sciences: 1925-1926

Committee on Relation of Electro-Magnetic Theory to Quantum Hypotheses: 1919-1924

Committee on Relation of Elementary Physics Teaching to Research: 1921

Committee on Research Methods & Technique: 1920-1923

Committee on Revolving Fund for Publication of Mathematical Books

Appointments: 1936
General: 1920-1939

Committee on Service Institute for Biophysics: 1933-1934

Committee on Sources of Rock Salt Crystals: 1932

Committee on Spectroscopy

Eastern Division: 1919-1922
Western Division: 1919-1922

Committee on Standards of Radioactivity

Appointments: Members: 1938
Meetings: Minutes: 1938-1939
Research Projects: 1938-1939
General: 1938-1939

Committee on Theories of Magnetism: 1920-1922

Committee on Thermo-Magnetic Electric Effects: 1919-1920

Committee on Utilization of Bureau of Standards Facilities: 1921-1922

Committee on Vision & Photo-Biology: 1922-1924

Committee on X-Ray Spectra: 1919-1921

Committee on X-Rays & Crystal Structure: 1920

Conference on Precision Measurement of Solar Radiation: 1938-1939

Directory of Division: 1919-1939

Executive Committee Meetings: Minutes: 1919-1939


Annual Meetings: 1920-1939
Minutes (Annual Meetings & Executive Committee): 1919-1940
Organizational: 1919

News Bulletin: 1923-1925

Nobel Prize for Physics

Recommendations: 1922-1926

Personnel Listing: 1939

Physical Review

Financial Report: 1920-1930


Airplane Power Plants: 1919
Astronomical Periodicals & Books: 1920-1922
Astronomical Research Surveys: 1926-1930
Aviation Field Lighting: 1919
Camouflage: 1919
Centrifugal Gun: 1919
Exchange of Apparatus: 1920
Infrared Detection: 1919
Instrument Journal: 1920-1922
Proposed: 1933-1935
Shop Work at Carnegie Institute of Technology: 1919
Signaling Telescopes: 1919
Submarine Detection: 1919
General: 1919

Reports to Administrative Committee: 1924-1939

Research Committees: 1919-1920

General: 1919-1939



Committee on Physics of the Earth: 1938


Annual Report: 1922 & 1936

Committee on Supersound

Quartz Source Projector of Supersound: 1919


Centrifugal Gun: 1919

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