Shelter Island Conference Photos

Participants at the 1947 Shelter Island Conference on Quantum Mechanics (left to right): I.I. Rabi; Linus Pauling; J. Van Vleck; W.E. Lamb; Gregory Breit; D. MacInnes; K.K. Darrow; G.E. Uhlenbeck; Julian Schwinger; Edward Teller; Bruno Rossi; Arnold Nordsieck; John von Neumann; John A. Wheeler; Hans A. Bethe; R. Serber; R.E. Marshak; Abraham Pais; J. Robert Oppenheimer; David Bohm; Richard P. Feynman; Victor F. Weisskopf; Herman Feshbach. Not pictured: H.A. Kramers. 

Richard Feynman (seated, with pen in hand) illustrates a point at the conference.
From left to right, standing, are: W. Lamb, K.K. Darrow, Victor Weisskopf, George E. Uhlenbeck, Robert E. Marshak, Julian Schwinger, David Bohm, From left to right, seated are: J. Robert Oppenheimer (holding pipe), Abraham Pais, Richard P. Feynman, Herman Feshbach.

The Shelter Island Conference was noted for its atmosphere of informal conversation.
Shown in discussion are, left to right: W. Lamb, Abraham Pais, John Wheeler (standing and holding paper), Richard P. Feynman (holding pen), Herman Feschbach, and Julian Schwinger.


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