Research Interests

Bernard Sadoulet is an instrumentalist working in Particle Cosmology. Sadoulet helped establish the scientific importance of searches for Weakly Interactive Massive Particles (WIMP), now considered as the main candidate for the explanation of dark matter as a manifestation of new physics at the electro-weak scale. The novel instrumentation of ultra low temperature particle detectors that Blas Cabrera and Bernard Sadoulet pioneered has consistently placed their experiment, the Cryogenic Dark Matter Search (CDMS), at the leading edge of WIMP searches worldwide. In particular, Sadoulet recognized the need for identifying nuclear recoils to recognize WIMP interactions and demonstrated that this can be achieved by simultaneously measuring the produced ionization and phonons. He is currently focusing on the development of low temperature technologies that could be sensitive to low mass WIMP.

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Section 13: Physics

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Section 12: Astronomy