Research Interests

My scientific interests are mostly in the field of quantum theory of condensed matter physics. For a long while I worked to improve the theoretical understanding of the effects of disorder and interactions between electrons on the properties of bulk and low-dimensional and finite-size conductors. Although a number of physical phenomena were predicted and understood as an interplay between the interaction of quantum particles with an external potential and with one another, there is still a lot to understand theoretically. We still have to substantially improve our description of the destruction of the phase coherence in disordered conductors by electron-electron interactions and the effects of disorder on strongly correlated electronic systems. Recently I have been working on the theory of nonequilibrium and metastable states of quantum systems. From a more general perspective I am interested in the fields that are connected with the interaction and disorder in quantum systems: quantum chaos, nanoscience, quantum field theory, and quantum information.

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Section 33: Applied Physical Sciences

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Section 13: Physics