Research Interests

My physical chemistry research includes molecular energy transfer, chemical reaction dynamics, photochemistry, and spectroscopy. Lasers are used to produce and detect molecules in specific energy states. Rates of energy transfer and chemical reaction processes, both unimolecular and involving collisions, are studied as a function of quantum number. From this information microscopic mechanisms are deduced and predictive understanding developed. Specific topics include vibration-to-vibration, vibration-to-rotation, and rotation-to-translation energy transfer in gas-phase collisions; vibrational relaxation in solid matrices; intramolecular electronic-to-vibration and vibration-to-vibration energy transfer; laser isotope separations; rates of bimolecular reactions of simple free radicals; spectroscopy and structure of highly reactive species; state-selected unimolecular reaction dynamics; and energy levels and dynamics at unimolecular transition states. Applications of this work are found in combustion and atmospheric chemistry, in chemical and molecular lasers, and in isotope separation. Other research is in the area of chemical education, specifically, the development and assessment of modular materials for introductory chemistry courses. The modules allow students to learn the principles and methods of chemistry in the context of currently important problems.

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Section 14: Chemistry

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Section 33: Applied Physical Sciences