Research Interests

As an anthropologist, I have focused on ethnoecological (ethnobotanical, ethnozoological) field work among Northern Paiute, Southern Paiute and Shoshone peoples of Nevada, Utah and California, attempting to establish their 19th century subsistence systems and other interactions with their environments and resources, especially traditional resource management systems. I have tried to integrate linguistic materials into these studies whenever possible, including focusing on indigenous plant/animal taxonomies, place names, stories and other clues to defining Native environmental perceptions and cognition. I have also integrated studies of 19th century material culture collections presently in museums into this work, as well as analyzed archaeological fiber perishable artifacts toward a broader and longer term perspective on the region and North American in general. I have consulted with tribes and indigenous organizations on land restoration issues, co-management of resources and other environmental topics, as well as language and cultural retention in general and in specific contexts. And I have worked toward the preservation of anthropological records and museum collections as repositories of important information for indigenous peoples as well as the public in general.

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Section 51: Anthropology