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My long-term research interests have centered on the experimental use of high-energy polarized electrons to study electroweak structure and spin structure of the nucleon through deep inelastic scattering from unpolarized and polarized targets and the study of production and decay processes of the Z-zero boson in polarized electron-unpolarized positron annihilation at the Z-zero pole. The study of polarized targets results in the understanding of the spin structure of the proton and neutron. In the context of the quark-parton model the contributions of the constituents of the nucleon are understood. The study of unpolarized targets and the Z-zero boson with polarized electrons leads to the precise determination of electroweak parameters, an important part of the Standard Model, which summarizes our present understanding of the forces and constituents of matter. My most recent interests have centered on extending the polarized electron beam work to a future linear collider, and the study of neutrinoless double beta decay, a non-accelerator project, to determine the mass of the neutrinos.

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