Research Interests

Research in my laboratory focuses on the mechanisms by which newly synthesized proteins are targeted to their sites of function in different membranes and organelles. I have a strong interest in the rough endoplasmic reticulum and, in particular, the translocation apparatus that in this organelle affects the insertion into the membrane and the cotranslational modification of nascent secretary, lysosomal, and membrane polypeptides. I also have a major interest in the sorting processes that occur in the trans region of the Golgi apparatus and select different subsets of proteins for incorporation into vesicles that deliver them to the different domains of the plasma membrane of polarized epithelial cells or to developing secretory granules and lysosomes. For these studies, we have developed cell-free systems in which we can reproduce in vitro the generation of post Golgi vesicles from isolated Golgi fractions and reconstitute the delivery of proteins from the trans Golgi to immobilized plasma membrane fragments. This has allowed us to undertake the identification and purification of the cytosolic and membrane proteins (including vesicle coat proteins and GTP-binding proteins) that participate in protein sorting, vesicle formation, and vesicle targeting to the acceptor membrane.

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Section 22: Cellular and Developmental Biology

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Section 21: Biochemistry