Dominique Picard studied mathematics in Paris She worked one year at Agro-Paris TECH as assistant Professor, and eleven years at the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), at Paris XI as scientific researcher. In 1987, she obtained a full professor position in the university Paris-Diderot. She has been director of the Probability and Statistique laboratory in Paris LPSM. Since October 2016, Dominique Picard is Professeur Emérite in University Paris-Cité.

Research Interests

Dominique Picard's main field of research is mathematical statistics, with special interest in high dimensional problems, structural changes detection, and geometrical aspects of the statistical experiments. Focus points are : denoising, inverse models, wavelets, needlets, non-parametric bayesian methods, functional data classification. Special application to statistical modeling of the Cosmological Microwave Background in astrophysics, modeling and forecasting of the electricity consumption, forecasting the wind energy production.

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International Member

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Primary Section

Section 32: Applied Mathematical Sciences