Eric D’Asaro is an oceanographer working in the upper and coastal ocean. Although primarily a physical oceanographer, focussing on small-scale processes, he also collaborates with biological and chemical oceanographers and meteorologists on a broad range of interdisciplinary problems including hurricanes and tropical cyclones, ocean productivity and carbon export, and oxygen depletion zones. He developed the Lagrangian float, a new class of instruments to measure turbulence and mixing and their interdisciplinary impacts, as well as working on sensors for small autonomous oceanographic platforms. He has done research on many different oceanographic research vessels in almost all the oceans, and worked on numerous research programs combining robotic, ship and aircraft platforms.

Research Interests

Physical Oceanography, oceanography instrumentation, Lagrangian Floats, small-scale ocean dynamics, ocean mixing, oxygen minimum zones and twilight zone, tropical cyclones, air-sea interaction.

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Section 16: Geophysics