Research Interests

My research interests are twofold: 1) Observational cosmology and particle physics utilizing the cosmic background radiation as a probe of the early universe. These include, work on COBE and Planck satellites, and airborne and ground-based experiments to extend anisotropy and spectrum measurements to greater accuracy. Also, work on the SNAP mission to utilize supernovae and gravitational lensing as cosmological probes. 2) Cosmic radiation measurement utilizing balloon-borne superconducting magnetic spectrometers. Work on HEAO satellite cosmic ray experiment, including design and testing on one-year lifetime liquid helium cryostat containing a superconducting magnet. Design tests of total absorption shower counter and calorimeter at Bevatron, NAL, and SLAC. Work on Astronomy, a superconducting magnetic spectrometer for the Space Station. High-energy neutrino astronomy including work on AMANDA and IceCube projects.

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