Research Interests

Our group is interested in understanding the molecular and cellular elements that regulate the type and intensity of antimicrobial immunity and maintain self-tolerance. We believe that interactions between T cell subsets and other immunological cells are at the core of this process. In recent years we have identified and characterized genes that allow robust T cell activation after TCR engagement. Our studies of the role of T cells in imprinting the type of immune response following viral infection have led to the isolation and characterization of a gene and its secreted product (Eta1/Opn) that enhances Type I immunity through interactions with macrophages and dendritic cells. Studies of the interactions between the immune system and viruses have delineated a molecular link between infection and autoimmune disease based on T cell receptor cross-reactivity. Our current research uses a combination of genetic and cellular approaches to define potential sub-lineages of CD4 and CD8 cells that are genetically programmed to carry out regulatory or effector T cell function.

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Section 43: Immunology and Inflammation