Jean Frechet is Emeritus Senior Vice-President for Research, Innovation and Economic Development at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), and Emeritus Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. Frechet started his academic career in 1971 at the University of Ottawa where he also served as Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Research. In 1987 he joined the Department of Chemistry at Cornell University before moving to Berkeley in 1997. Frechet?s research work encompasses both academic and entrepreneurial activities in the broad area of nanoscience and nanotechnology with applications in areas as diverse as microelectronics, separation science, and pharmaceuticals. His work on Chemically Amplified Photoresists carried out in collaboration with C. Grant Willson at IBM has revolutionized the microchip Industry. His later development of porous polymer monoliths with Frantisek Svec has added a new dimension to separation science with implications in chemistry, biology, medicine, and the environment. Similarly, his work with dendrimers and other macromolecules has led to the development of several families of polymer-drug conjugates for use in both chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Frechet is most proud of his contribution to the scientific development of numerous young scientists and Engineers.

Research Interests

Organic , polymer, and materials chemistry. Novel therapeutics.

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Section 14: Chemistry

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Section 33: Applied Physical Sciences