Research Interests

My lab is mainly interested in the elucidation of molecular mechanisms that underline plant development and biosynthetic pathways of grain starch, cell walls and other important compounds in higher plants, focusing on the traits that are important for the improvement of crop yield and quality, a goal pursued by crop breeding scientists in the world. The lab is particularly interested in cloning and characterizing key genes that control rice tiller numbers, tiller angle, plant height, and panicle size, which determine plant architecture and affect rice grain yield. The lab has made immense efforts in the molecular design of new elite rice varieties that have ideal properties such as high yield, good quality, nutrient use efficiency, and resistance to biotic stresses by pyramiding the desired properties through molecular marker-assisted selection and transgenic approaches.

Membership Type

International Member

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Primary Section

Section 25: Plant Biology

Secondary Section

Section 62: Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences