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The general goal of my research is to elucidate the dynamic structure of various disordered systems and to improve understanding of the relationship between atomic- and molecular-level information as obtained by various NMR and laser scattering experiments and the macroscopic properties of the materials studied. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and laser Rayleigh and Raman scattering techniques represent the main experimental techniques used in the high-pressure studies. The following main classes of systems are presently being investigated: polyatomic molecular liquids, biochemical systems, and viscoelastic liquids in confined geometries. The development of instrumentation for measurements under extreme conditions of high pressure represents an important aspect of this research. High resolution 1D and 2D NMR studies of the pressure-induced unfolding of proteins represent the main focus of the work dealing with biochemical systems. The relative role of topological and surface effects, the reduced dimensionality in the dynamics of molecular fluids confined to nanopores, and the behavior of surface-layer liquids represent several key problems of interest.

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Section 14: Chemistry