Dr. Dubcovsky is a ‘Distinguished Professor’ at the University of California Davis and a Researcher at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. He is member of the National Academy of Science of the USA and in 2014 received the Wolf world prize in Agriculture. His wheat breeding program has released 17 commercial pasta and bread wheat varieties and 60 germplasm. He has trained 38 graduate students, many of whom are leaders in wheat research and breeding. His laboratory has published ~260 scientific papers that have been cited >34,000 (Google Scholar). He has developed multiple publicly available genomic resources, including ESTs, SSR and SNP markers, BAC libraries and more recently a database including 15,000,000 sequenced mutations in the wheat gene coding and promoter regions. His laboratory has recently developed a new technology (GRF-GIF) that enhances dramatically regeneration of transgenic plants, expands the number of germplasm that can be transformed and facilitates the selection of transgenic plants without antibiotic selection. The major goals of Dr. Dubcovsky’s program are to gain a better understanding of the effects of allelic variants of wheat genes that are relevant to agriculture and to develop the tools required for an efficient manipulation of these genes in wheat improvement.

Research Interests

Wheat genetics, development and improvement.

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Section 62: Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences

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Section 25: Plant Biology