Research Interests

Ye's research group explores the frontiers of light-matter interactions. Ye and his group produce novel atomic and molecular materials in the quantum regime and precisely control these materials with laser fields. He has one of the world's most stable lasers with optical coherence time exceeding 10 s. This precision phase control is applied to a train of ultrashort pulses as well. Based on these control capabilities for both light and matter, Ye's group develops new technologies in high-precision laser spectroscopy, ultracold atoms and molecules, optical frequency metrology, quantum control, and ultrafast lasers. The group applies these new technologies to advance research in fundamental physics, precision measurement, and quantum physics. Current research projects include investigations of ultracold strontium atoms confined in optical lattices for use in highly precise and accurate atomic clocks and quantum information science, the precise control of optical frequency combs for sensitive molecular detections and high-resolution quantum control, as well as extreme nonlinear optics for exploring new frontiers in spectroscopy. The group also produces ultracold molecules for tests of fundamental physics, research aimed at controlling ultracold chemical reactions, and studies of strongly interacting quantum systems and their novel dynamics.

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Section 13: Physics