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My research interests have ranged through the disciplines of geophysics, geodesy and geology with a focus on the deformations of the Earth on intermediate and long time scales and on the interactions between surface processes and the solid earth. Past research areas have included the determination of the Earth's gravity field from satellite tracking data, the tidal deformations and rotational motion of the Earth, the evolution of the Earth-Moon orbital system, and lithospheric and crustal deformation processes. My more recent research work has focused on sea level change and the history of the Earth's ice sheets during past glacial cycles, including field and laboratory work and numerical modelling. The geophysical focus of this work is on quantifying the depth and lateral variation in the viscosity of the Earth's mantle and the palaeo-climate focus of the work is to understand the evolution of the ice sheets during the last glacial cycle. A third focus is on the significance of sea level and glacial cycles on archaeological and pre-historical investigations and on constraints on the possible movements and activities of Late Palaeolithic and Neolithic man.

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