Research Interests

As an experimental condensed matter physicist, I study quantum mechanics on a macroscopic level in materials that are "strongly correlated electron systems". In particular, I primarily investigate the mechanisms of unconventional superconductivity by planar tunneling and point-contact Andreev reflection (PCAR) spectroscopies. These measurements are used to map out the electronic structure of high-temperature, heavy-fermion, and other unconventional superconductors. In high-temperature superconductivity, my work on atomic substitutions, thin-film growth, and planar tunneling demonstrated the existence of Andreev bound states and various symmetry breakings, including time-reversal. My recent work using PCAR in heavy-fermion superconductors has revealed exciting competition between phases, including superconducting and antiferromagnetic, and that theories beyond those existing are needed to describe the Andreev process at the heavy fermion superconducting interface.

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Section 33: Applied Physical Sciences

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Section 13: Physics