Laure Saint-Raymond entered the École normale supérieure de Paris in 1994. During her studies, she obtained a master in analysis at the University Paris VI and another in plasma physics at the University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin. She then obtained a PhD at the department of mathematics and applications of ENS under the supervision of mathematician François Golse, on the kinetic theory of gases. She was hired as a research fellow at CNRS in 2000. She was then appointed professor at University Paris VI in 2002. She was elected at the French Academy of Sciences in 2013 : she has been a regular participant in think tanks, notably on the dissemination of knowledge. She spent a sabbatical year in the United States in 2014-2015, at the joint invitation of Harvard University and MIT. In 2016, she joined the École normale supérieure de Lyon as a professor with the project of developing strong links between mathematics and physics. She is now professor at IHES.

Research Interests

Laure Saint-Raymond works mainly on the asymptotic analysis of systems of partial differential equations, in particular those governing gas, plasma, and fluid dynamics. In particular, she has made fundamental contributions to Hilbert's sixth problem concerning the axiomatization of mechanics, one of the 23 problems proposed by David Hilbert at the International Mathematical Congress of 1900. With various collaborators, she has shown that there is a continuous transition between non-equilibrium statistical physics models and the equations of fluid mechanics, and more recently she has studied the validity of these statistical models based on Newtonian mechanics. In parallel, she works on fluid mechanics models describing oceanic flows, including the influence of rotation and stratification on wave propagation and boundary layer phenomena.

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