Research Interests

My research uses DNA microarrays and other genomic approaches to explore a wide range of fundamental questions in gene regulation, cell biology, physiology, development, and medicine. For example, we are systematically mapping the gene expression programs that give rise to the diversity in form and behavior of the cells in the human body and choreograph their physiological and developmental processes. These studies provide clues to basic molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the development and progression of cancers and other diseases, which we are actively pursuing. We are also working to develop and apply new molecular profiling methods for detection and diagnosis of diverse diseases. For the past several years I have been working to promote open, unrestricted access to scientific and scholarly publications, and to develop practical ways to make the published record of scientific ideas and discoveries a public resource, freely available online anywhere in the world.

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Primary Section

Section 21: Biochemistry

Secondary Section

Section 29: Biophysics and Computational Biology