Research Interests

I am interested in the science of nanostructures and their applications in physics, materials science, chemistry, biology, and engineering. My group studies the electronic, mechanical, and optical properties of a variety of nanoscale structures ranging from semiconductor quantum dots to single molecules. We have also developed advanced measurement techniques to probe and manipulate molecular-scale systems. I am particularly fascinated by nanoscale forms of carbon, especially graphene sheets and single-walled carbon nanotubes. Our group has probed many fundamental aspects of electron transport in carbon nanotubes, including single electron charging, non-Fermi liquid behavior, and topologically induced spin-orbit coupling. We have also probed the physical and mechanical properties of both nanotubes and graphene. For example, we have shown that a one-atom thick graphene membrane is an impenetrable barrier and can be fashioned into high-performance drumhead resonators. I am currently captivated by the uses of these materials for interfacing to the nanoscale world or as structural elements in a functional nanotechnology.

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Section 33: Applied Physical Sciences

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Section 13: Physics