Research Interests

My research interests are in the area of photosensory perception and signal transduction in plants. We study the molecular mechanisms by which the phytochrome family of informational photoreceptors transduce perceived light signals to target nuclear genes. Using biochemical, molecular and genetic approaches in the model organism, Arabidopsis, we have identified a signaling pathway involving direct interaction of the photoactivated phytochrome molecule with a subset of basic helix-loop-helix-class transcription factors, following light-induced translocation of the photoreceptor into the nucleus from the cytoplasm. Current efforts are directed at defining the molecular mechanism of signal transfer from the phytochrome molecule to these apparent signaling partners. Using global transcript profiling we have also defined target genes of the phytochrome pathway. We are currently attempting to dissect the primary transcriptional network controling the light-induced expression pattern displayed by these genes.

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Section 25: Plant Biology