Research Interests

My research has been concentrated on the theory of international trade. Part of this research deals with the competitive models of trade and the interactions between a country's factor endowments and output and trade patterns on the one hand and the prices of traded commodities and a country's internal distribution of income on the other. Although explicit compositional results in higher-dimensional cases is not to be expected, my research has developed a series of smaller-scale competitive models that yield insights into the role that factor-intensity rankings and factor-substitution characteristics play in answering questions about trade patterns and income distribution. Much of my work, both past and future, is devoted to the importance of the international mobility of factors of production, such as labor and capital, as well as trade in intermediate products and goods-in-process. In particular I am concerned with the ongoing trend in which production processes become fragmented worldwide, with many countries involved in stages of the production of particular items such as automobiles, cameras, and pharmaceuticals.

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Section 54: Economic Sciences