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My research covers a wide range of chemistry including organic synthesis, stereoselective reactions, organometallic chemistry, molecular catalysis, new reaction media, physical organic chemistry, in vivo molecular chemistry, etc. I have long been involved in asymmetric catalysis based on organometallic chemistry. The efficiency of the chiral catalysts discovered in our laboratories equals or, in certain cases, even exceeds that of natural enzymes. Applications of our original and versatile chemistry have allowed us and other scientists to achieve truly efficient synthesis of chiral organic compounds of theoretical and practical importance. In particular, asymmetric hydrogenation via our BINAP-transition metal complex catalysts has been practiced in research laboratories worldwide as well as on an industrial scale. Recently, we have pursued environmentally benign chemical reactions. We demonstrated the utility of supercritical carbon dioxide as a "green" medium for homogeneous catalysis, and also developed practical methods for oxidation of alcohols and olefins with aqueous hydrogen peroxide under organic solvent- and halide-free conditions.

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