Research Interests

As a physical chemist, I have focused on experimental state-resolved molecular dynamics studies of small molecule collision systems. My research group employs sensitive laser probing to explore reaction dynamics, energy transfer, photofragmentation processes, and ion-molecule chemistry. The role of vibrational and rotational state-to-state dynamics in reactions and energy transfer has been an important theme. We also studied orbital and molecular alignment effects in detail, providing new insights into stereodynamics. We have initiated ultrafast femtosecond laser studies to explore coherent wave packet formation and control in molecules. A parallel program in semiconductor growth and etching sprang out of our molecular dynamics studies. We have investigated GaAs epitaxial growth, silicon etching, and cobalt disilicide formation with novel laser diagnostics and laser-produced kinetic-energy-enhanced reactive species. Recently we have developed scanned probe microscopies (near field and tunneling microscopy) to investigate ultrafast time processes on semiconductor surfaces.

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Section 14: Chemistry

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Section 13: Physics