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Although the basic interactions between electrons and ions always has the Coulombic form, the electronic properties of solids at room temperature and below take many different forms. These can be classified by their electronic states (or phases). The theoretical understanding of the various electronic phases, their properties and the factors that control their origin and their phase transition temperatures, is a major topic in theoretical solid state physics (also referred to as condensed matter physics). For example, in recent years the subject of unconventional superconducting phases has been particularly active mainly because of the discovery of high temperature superconductors. Unconventional superconductivity is distinguished from the classic form of superconductivity by a different internal symmetry and is stabilized by electronic interactions. My research interests also extended to many other electronic phases e.g., magnetic phases of various types, charge and spin density wave phases and metal to insulator phase transitions. My work ranges from phenomenological descriptions of the electronic properties to the underlying microscopic theory based on the application of many-body quantum theory to particular solids.

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Section 33: Applied Physical Sciences