Research Interests

My areas of interest are theoretical nuclear physics and astrophysics. One main focus is neutrino astrophysics, including the solar neutrino problem, the role of neutrinos in the core collapse supernova mechanism, and neutrino effects on the associated nucleosynthesis. I am also interested in using nuclei and atoms to test the fundamental symmetries of nature. Examples include how atomic electric dipole moments constrain models of CP violation, how nuclear double beta decay probes lepton number conservation, and how hadronic parity violation can be tested in nuclei. A third area of interest is many-body theory, including the use of high-performance computing to uncover properties of many-body systems. Two problems of current interest are the electron correlations responsible for the fractional quantum Hall effect and the possibility of solving the Schroedinger equation for light nuclei as an exact effective theory.

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Section 13: Physics

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Section 12: Astronomy