Research Interests

My research focuses on atmospheric chemistry with emphasis on global biogeochemical cycles, biospheric-atmospheric interactions, air pollution, global change, and urbanization. Through the development and application of numerical algorithms and models and the design and implementation of field studies, I endeavor to elucidate the coupled chemical, physical, and biological processes that determine the chemical environment and thereby help identify pathways toward a sustainable future. Toward that end, I currently have a leadership role in two multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary research programs concerned with regional environmental change and the strategies for sustainable economic development. As chief scientist of the Southern Oxidants Study (SOS) and director of SOS' Southern Center for the Integrated Study of Secondary Air Pollutants, I focus on understanding the causes and remedies for ground-level ozone and fine particle pollution in the southern United States. As the U.S. study director of CHINA-MAP, I assess the effects of regional environmental change on agriculture in China, the world's most populous and rapidly developing nation.

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Section 63: Environmental Sciences and Ecology