Hay, Mark 2018 Gilbert Morgan Smith Medal

Hay, Mark 2018 Gilbert Morgan Smith Medal

Mark E. Hay, Georgia Institute of Technology, received the 2018 Gilbert Morgan Smith Medal.

Hay’s research into algal ecology has influenced a generation of scientists and revealed numerous new insights into the declining health of ocean ecosystems, including vital coral reefs. Along the way, his work has formed the foundation for the broad field of marine chemical ecology.

Hay, whose research often addresses the “big questions” of algal ecology, has provided critical insight into the relationships and interactions between seaweed and other algae and the herbivores that consume them, as well as the previously unseen chemical interactions that define these relationships. He has also sought ways to understand this chemical “language” in order to detect behaviors that could be leveraged to heal damage oceanic ecosystems. His work is conducted both in the field and in the lab, where he has pioneered the study of chemically mediated interactions in marine field ecology to gain fundamental insight into ecological interactions. 

Most recently, Hay has built upon his earlier work to provide critical understanding of the chemically related behavior of fishes and algae along latitudinal gradients, with temperate reefs becoming increasingly tropicalized due to oceanic warming. The research has enormous implications for coral reef recovery, along with the ecosystems and human societies that depend upon these reefs.  

The Gilbert Morgan Smith Medal recognizes excellence in published research on marine or freshwater algae. The award is presented with a medal and a $50,000 prize.


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