Shiffrin, Richard 2018 Atkinson Prize

Shiffrin, Richard 2018 Atkinson Prize

Join us in congratulating Richard M. Shiffrin!

Richard M. Shiffrin, Indiana University, received the 2018 Atkinson Prize in Psychological and Cognitive Sciences

Shiffrin, the world’s foremost scientist in the field of human memory, has made pioneering contributions to the empirical and theoretical investigation of both short- and long-term memory.  

These contributions began in 1968 with his doctoral thesis at Stanford University, where he and Richard Atkinson proposed what is now known as the Atkinson-Shiffrin model of human memory, also known as the modal memory model. This widely quoted work, which describes three stages of human memory and their control processes, has provided the foundation for all of the models of memory which followed and remains one of the most cited works in the entire field of psychology.  

Since that time, Shiffrin has made substantial contributions in other areas of cognitive science such as attention and perceptual learning. His work has defined the expansion of cognitive psychology and the incorporation of mathematical treatments and subsequently computational treatments into the investigation of some of the classic questions of psychology, such as: How is human memory structured? How are memories stored and later retrieved? How do humans classify and categorize incoming perceptual stimuli? What are the limitations of attention and memory and how are they altered by experience? Recently he has made fundamental methodological contributions extending Bayesian inference, and applying those to issues of reproducibility.

Through the past four decades, Shiffrin’s contributions to the field have not been limited to his direct research. He has also mentored entire generations of students and young scientists, and organized conferences and colloquia. His work and his leadership have helped to improve education, health, and public policy worldwide. 

The Atkinson Prize in Psychological and Cognitive Sciences is presented to honor significant advances in the psychological and cognitive sciences with important implications for formal and systematic theory in these fields.  Two prizes of $100,000 are presented biennially.

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 Watch Richard M. Shiffrin of @IndianaUniv receive 2018 @theNASciences Atkinson Prize in Psychological and Cognitive Sciences at #NAS155!  He will receive the 2018 Atkinson Prize for pioneering contributions to the investigation of memory and attention. The Atkinson Prize will be presented during the 155th NAS Annual Meeting on Sunday, April 29. #CognitiveSciences #memory #NASmember

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Congratulations Richard M. Shiffrin of @IndianaUniv, recipient of 2018 @theNASciences Atkinson Prize in Psychological and Cognitive Sciences! @IUBloomington #NASmember

 Richard M. Shiffrin of @IndianaUniv earns 2018 @theNASciences Atkinson Prize in Psychological and Cognitive Sciences for contributions to #memory and #CognitiveSciences!

Watch Richard M. Shiffrin of @IndianaUniv receive 2018 @theNASciences Atkinson Prize in Psychological and Cognitive Sciences at #NAS155 on April 29!

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