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Carolyn R. Bertozzi, Stanford University and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, received the 2020 John J. Carty Award for the Advancement of Science.

Bertozzi is widely recognized for her invention of bioorthogonal chemistry, a broadly applicable class of chemical reactions that has opened up new research into bioimaging, chemoproteomics, and in vivo drug delivery. Her innovative technologies have been extensively commercialized for both therapeutic and research applications. 

Bertozzi’s ongoing research emphasizes studies of cell surface sugars important to human health and disease, a field that has been accelerated by biorthogonal labeling methods. Her research group studies the glycobiology underlying cancer, inflammatory disorders, and infectious diseases. Among her most recent accomplishments is the development of a method to detect tuberculosis. 

The John J. Carty Award for the Advancement of Science is awarded every two years, to recognize noteworthy and distinguished accomplishments in any field of science within the National Academy of Science’s charter. The award is presented with a medal and a $25,000 prize. The American Telephone and Telegraph Company established the award to honor the memory of their Chief Engineer, Vice President, and general telecommunications innovator, John J. Carty. The Carty Award will be presented in 2020 in the physical sciences.


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