Geoffrey W. Coates, Cornell University, received the 2023 NAS Award for the Industrial Application of Science.

Coates’ discoveries have revolutionized polymer recycling, materials for green hydrogen generation, and the synthesis of sustainable plastics. He is widely recognized for his discovery of efficient synthetic processes to make important high-performance plastics from biorenewable resources.  

Coates has made contributions to important new high-performance materials including the design of new polymeric materials for safe and practical energy conversion and storage applications. He continues to innovate with his most recent work on the development a novel multiblock polymer that could revolutionize the recycling of plastic waste.

The NAS Award for the Industrial Application of Science honors original scientific work of intrinsic scientific importance and with significant, beneficial applications in industry. The recipient is awarded a $25,000 prize. Established by the IBM Corporation in honor of Ralph E. Gomory.


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