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The lecture will be open to the public and webcast live. Due to developments in the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), paying particular attention to conditions surrounding the evolving outbreak in Seattle, we have decided to postpone the lecture.  For more information, contact awards@nas.edu.

Jay Shendure, recipient of the 2019 Richard Lounsbery Award, will present the 2020 Lounsbery Lecture, entitled “Global, Single Cell Views of Human and Mouse Development." 

Mammalian development is a remarkable process, wherein a single cell and a single genome give rise to a complex, highly structured organism comprised of billions-to-trillions of cells with myriad functions. In his talk, Dr. Shendure will describe his ongoing efforts to globally characterize human and mouse development at single cell resolution, in particular with respect to molecular processes such as gene expression and chromatin accessibility, as well as to compare such developmental single cell atlases of across species.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Pelton Auditorium, Weintraub Building
1100 Fairview Ave. N
Seattle, WA 98109

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