Biographical Memoirs

Published since 1877, Biographical Memoirs feature the life histories and selected bibliographies of deceased members. Several new memoirs are now available online as PDFs:

Giuseppe Attardi (1923-2008)

Giuseppe Attardi (1923-2008) »
by Anne Chomyn (cellular and developmental biology)

Alan Carrington (1934-2013)

Alan Carrington (1934-2013) »
by Richard J. Saykally (chemistry)

Michael Potter (1924-2013)

Michael Potter (1924-2013) »
by Stuart Rudikoff and J. Frederic Mushinski (immunology and inflammation)

Viktor Hamburger (1900-2001)

Viktor Hamburger (1900-2001) »
by Garland E. Allen (cellular and developmental biology)

David H. Baker (1939-2009)

David H. Baker (1939-2009) »
by J. E. Pettigrew, R. N. Dilger, J. W. Erdman Jr., C. M. Parsons, R. A. Easter, S. M. Donovan, and D. E. Bauman (animal, nutritional, and applied microbial sciences)

Norman F. Ramsey (1915-2011)

Norman F. Ramsey (1915-2011) »
by Daniel Kleppner (physics)

Dimitri Mihalas (1939-2013)

Dimitri Mihalas (1939-2013) »
by Baolian Cheng(astronomy)

Henry S. Kaplan (1918-1984)

Henry S. Kaplan (1918-1984) »
by Charlotte D. Jacobs (medical genetics, hematology, and oncology)

Robert C. Richardson (1937-2013)

Robert C. Richardson (1937-2013) »
by J. D. Reppy and D. M. Lee (physics)

Robert A. Alberty (1921-2014)

Robert A. Alberty (1921-2014) »
by Gordon G. Hammes and Carl Frieden (chemistry)

Jack Keil Wolf (1935-2011)

Jack Keil Wolf (1935-2011) »
by Roberto Padovani, Paul H. Siegel, and Andrew J. Viterbi (computer and information sciences)

John K. Hulm (1923-2004)

John K. Hulm (1923-2004) »
by John W. Coltman (applied physical sciences)

Helen M. Ranney (1920-2010)

Helen M. Ranney (1920-2010) »
by H. Franklin Bunn (medical genetics, hematology, and oncology)

Ernest Eliel (1921-2008)

Ernest Eliel (1921-2008) »
by Jeffrey I. Seeman (chemistry)

John L. Margrave (1924-2003)

John L. Margrave (1924-2003) »
by James L. Kinsey (chemistry)

Robert H. Burris (1914-2010)

Robert H. Burris (1914-2010) »
by Paul W. Ludden (plant, soil and microbial sciences)

Neal E. Miller (1909-2002)

Neal E. Miller (1909-2002) »
by Edgar E. "Ted" Coons (psychological and cognitive sciences)

Ernst W. Mayr (1904-2005)

Ernst W. Mayr (1904-2005) »
by Walter J. Bock (evolutionary biology)

David H. Hubel (1926-2013)

David H. Hubel (1926-2013) »
by Robert H. Wurtz (systems neuroscience)

John Rodgers (1914-2004)

John Rodgers (1914-2004) »
by John F. Dewey (geology)

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