Biographical Memoirs

Published since 1877, Biographical Memoirs feature the life histories and selected bibliographies of deceased members. All of the memoirs published since 1877 are available online as PDFs:

Anthony J. McMichael (1942-2014)

Anthony J. McMichael (1942-2014) »
by Kirk R. Smith(Human Environmental Sciences)

Olga F. Linares (1936-2014)

Olga F. Linares (1936-2014) »
by Dolores R. Piperno, Richard Cooke, and Fernando Santos-Granero (Anthropology)

Walter Kohn (1923-2016)

Walter Kohn (1923-2016) »
by P. C. Hohenberg and J. S. Langer (Physics)

C. S. Barrett (1902-1994)

C. S. Barrett (1902-1994) »
by Ted Massalski (Applied Physical Sciences)

Gen Shirane (1924-2005)

Gen Shirane (1924-2005) »
by Stephen Shapiro, John Axe, Haruo Shirane, and Tasuo Shirane (Applied Physical Sciences)

Frederick W. Gehring (1925-2012)

Frederick W. Gehring (1925-2012) »
by Gaven J. Martin (Mathematics)

A. G. W. Cameron (1925-2005)

A. G. W. Cameron (1925-2005) »
by David Arnett (Geophysics)

E-an Zen (1928-2014)

E-an Zen (1928-2014) »
by Daniel H. Doctor and Susan W. Kieffer (Geology)

Charles D. Michener (1918-2015)

Charles D. Michener (1918-2015) »
by Mary Jane West-Eberhard and Michael S. Engel (Evolutionary Biology)

Howard W. Emmons (1912-1998)

Howard W. Emmons (1912-1998) »
by Frederick H. Abernathy, Richard E. Kronauer, Richard I. Land, and Howard A. Stone (Engineering Sciences)

Michel Boudart (1924-2012)

Michel Boudart (1924-2012) »
by Ricardo B. Levy, Jim Dumesic, James A. Cusumano, and Enrique Iglesia (Chemistry)

Heinrich D. Holland (1927-2012)

Heinrich D. Holland (1927-2012) »
by James F. Kasting (Geology)

Oscar L. Miller, Jr. (1925-2012)

Oscar L. Miller, Jr. (1925-2012) »
by Jospeh G. Gall (Cellular and Developmental Biology)

David M. Raup (1933-2015)

David M. Raup (1933-2015) »
by Michael Foote and Arnold I. Miller (Geology)

George E. Palade (1912-2008)

George E. Palade (1912-2008) »
by Marilyn G. Farquhar (Cellular and Developmental Biology)

Herbert E. Wright Jr. (1917-2015)

Herbert E. Wright Jr. (1917-2015) »
by H. John B. Birks (environmental sciences and ecology)

Karl W. Butzer (1934-2016)

Karl W. Butzer (1934-2016) »
by B.L. Turner II (human environmental sciences)

John A. Schellman (1924-2014)

John A. Schellman (1924-2014) »
by Robert L. Baldwin and Peter H. von Hippel (biophysics and computational biology)

Eloise R. Giblett (1921-2009)

Eloise R. Giblett (1921-2009) »
by Arno G. Motulsky and Stanley M. Gartler (medical genetics, hematology and oncology)

Robert N. Hall (1919-2016)

Robert N. Hall (1919-2016) »
by Gerald D. Mahan (applied physical sciences)

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