Biographical Memoirs

Published since 1877, Biographical Memoirs feature the life histories and selected bibliographies of deceased members. All of the memoirs published since 1877 are available online as PDFs:

Andrew E. Lange (1957-2010)

Andrew E. Lange (1957-2010) »
by Marc Kamionkowski(physics)

Gerry Neugebauer (1932-2014)

Gerry Neugebauer (1932-2014) »
by B. Thomas Soifer (astronomy)

Joseph L. Doob (1910-2004)

Joseph L. Doob (1910-2004) »
by Daniel W. Stroock (mathematics)

George W. Mackey (1916-2006)

George W. Mackey (1916-2006) »
by Calvin C. Moore (mathematics)

Robert J. Huebner (1914-1998)

Robert J. Huebner (1914-1998) »
by Kay Huebner (microbial biology)

Martin Gibbs (1922-2006)

Martin Gibbs (1922-2006) »
by Maarten J. Chrispeels (plant biology)

Benjamin Lax (1915-2015)

Benjamin Lax (1915-2015) »
by Roshan L. Aggarwal and Marion B. Reine (applied physical sciences)

Daniel Gorenstein (1923-1992)

Daniel Gorenstein (1923-1992) »
by Michael Aschbacher (mathematics)

Charles Townes (1915-2015)

Charles Townes (1915-2015) »
by P. Buford Price and Reinhard Genzel (physics)

Sydney Kustu (1943-2014)

Sydney Kustu (1943-2014) »
by Bob B. Buchanan, Jason A. Hall,and David S. Weiss (genetics)

Richard R. Doell (1923-2008)

Richard R. Doell (1923-2008) »
by G. Brent Dalrymple (geology)

Nevin S. Scrimshaw (1918-2013)

Nevin S. Scrimshaw (1918-2013) »
by Pamela Fraker (animal, nutritional, and applied microbial sciences)

Robin M. Hochstrasser (1931-2013)

Robin M. Hochstrasser (1931-2013) »
by William A. Eaton, Graham R. Fleming and H. Peter Trommsdorff (chemistry)

James B. Serrin (1926-2012)

James B. Serrin (1926-2012) »
by Donald G. Aronson and Hans F. Weinberger (mathematics)

John E. Halver (1922-2012)

John E. Halver (1922-2012) »
by Robert J. Cousins and Ronald W. Hardy (animal, nutritional, and applied microbial sciences)

Jurgen K. Moser (1928-1999)

Jurgen K. Moser (1928-1999) »
by Paul H. Rabinowitz (mathematics)

Michael Tinkham (1928-2010)

Michael Tinkham (1928-2010) »
by John Clarke, Isaac F. Silvera, and Malcolm R. Beasley (physics)

Michael Kasha (1920-2013)

Michael Kasha (1920-2013) »
by Donald S. McClure with a personal recollection by Lionel Goodman (chemistry)

Stanley J. Tambiah (1929-2014)

Stanley J. Tambiah (1929-2014) »
by Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney (anthropology)

Melford E. Spiro (1920-2014)

Melford E. Spiro (1920-2014) »
by Kevin Avruch (anthropology)

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