Biographical Memoirs

Published since 1877, Biographical Memoirs feature the life histories and selected bibliographies of deceased members. All of the memoirs published since 1877 are available online as PDFs:

Lincoln Wolfenstein (1923-2015)

Lincoln Wolfenstein (1923-2015) »
by Barry R. Holstein (physics)

Seymour Lipset (1922-2006)

Seymour Lipset (1922-2006) »
by Claude S. Fischer and Ann Swidler (social and political sciences)

Bruce Winstein (1943-2011)

Bruce Winstein (1943-2011) »
by Melvyn J. Shochet and Michael S. Turner (physics)

Anthony F.C. Wallace (1923-2015)

Anthony F.C. Wallace (1923-2015) »
by Greg Urban (anthropology)

Donald E. White (1914-2002)

Donald E. White (1914-2002) »
by L.J. Patrick Muffler (geology)

Martin Kruskal (1925-2006)

Martin Kruskal (1925-2006) »
by Percy Deift (mathematics)

Val Fitch (1923-2015)

Val Fitch (1923-2015) »
by A.J. Stewart Smith, James W. Cronin, and Pierre Piroue (physics)

Martin C. Gutzwiller (1925-2014)

Martin C. Gutzwiller (1925-2014) »
by M.V. Berry and D. Baeriswyl (physics)

Robert Connick (1917-2014)

Robert Connick (1917-2014) »
by Gabor Somorjai (chemistry)

Edward Herbert (1926-1987)

Edward Herbert (1926-1987) »
by John P. Adelman (cellular and molecular neuroscience)

Neal L. First (1930-2014)

Neal L. First (1930-2014) »
by R. Michael Roberts and John J. Parrish (animal, nutritional, and applied microbial sciences)

Harold S. Johnston (1920-2012)

Harold S. Johnston (1920-2012) »
by Gabor A. Somorjai (chemistry)

Gian-Carlo Rota (1932-1999)

Gian-Carlo Rota (1932-1999) »
by Joseph P. S. Kung (mathematics)

Manuel Cardona (1934-2014)

Manuel Cardona (1934-2014) »
by Marvin L. Cohen, Francisco de la Cruz, Lothar Ley, Miles V. Klein, Michael Thewalt and Peter Y. Yu (applied physical sciences)

Fred Wendorf (1924-2015)

Fred Wendorf (1924-2015) »
by Joyce Marcus and Kent V. Flannery (anthropology)

Andrew E. Lange (1957-2010)

Andrew E. Lange (1957-2010) »
by Marc Kamionkowski (physics)

Gerry Neugebauer (1932-2014)

Gerry Neugebauer (1932-2014) »
by B. Thomas Soifer (astronomy)

Joseph L. Doob (1910-2004)

Joseph L. Doob (1910-2004) »
by Daniel W. Stroock (mathematics)

George W. Mackey (1916-2006)

George W. Mackey (1916-2006) »
by Calvin C. Moore (mathematics)

Robert J. Huebner (1914-1998)

Robert J. Huebner (1914-1998) »
by Kay Huebner (microbial biology)

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