Biographical Memoirs

Published since 1877, Biographical Memoirs feature the life histories and selected bibliographies of deceased members. All of the memoirs published since 1877 are available online as PDFs:

M. King Hubbert (1903-1989)

M. King Hubbert (1903-1989) »
by Steven E. Ingebritsen and Michael Manga (geology)

H. Jay Melosh (1947-2020)

H. Jay Melosh (1947-2020) »
by Francis Nimmo and Bill McKinnon (geophysics)

Harley Moon (1936-2018)

Harley Moon (1936-2018) »
by Edward Hoover and Béla Nagy (animal, nutritional, and applied microbial sciences)

Arnold L. Demain (1927-2020)

Arnold L. Demain (1927-2020) »
by Joan Wennstrom Bennett (animal, nutritional, and applied microbial sciences)

Robert K. Selander (1927-2015)

Robert K. Selander (1927-2015) »
by Howard Ochman (evolutionary biology)

Perry Adkisson (1929-2020)

Perry Adkisson (1929-2020) »
by Lynn Riddiford (animal, nutritional, and applied microbial sciences)

Shinya Inoué (1921-2019)

Shinya Inoué (1921-2019) »
by J. Richard McIntosh, Nancy and Edward Salmon, Paul Maddox, and Tim Mitchison (cellular and developmental biology)

E. Ward Plummer (1940-2020)

E. Ward Plummer (1940-2020) »
by Peter D. Johnson, Wilson Ho, Eugene J. Mele, Mike Klein, and Johanna Plummer (applied physical sciences)

C. S. Levings III (1930-2017)

C. S. Levings III (1930-2017) »
by Ronald Sederoff and Brian Larkins (plant, soil, and microbial sciences)

I. E. Segal (1918-1998)

I. E. Segal (1918-1998) »
by Leonard Gross and William Segal (mathematics)

Burton Richter (1931-2018)

Burton Richter (1931-2018) »
by Persis Drell, Vera Luth, and Maury Tigner (physics)

Howard L. Sanders (1921-2001)

Howard L. Sanders (1921-2001) »
by Richard C. Brusca and Isabelle P. Williams (evolutionary biology)

B. L. Horecker (1914-2010)

B. L. Horecker (1914-2010) »
by Dan G. Fraenkel (biochemistry)

Lawrence F. Dahl (1929-2021)

Lawrence F. Dahl (1929-2021) »
by John F. Berry (chemistry)

Jerry Nelson (1944-2017)

Jerry Nelson (1944-2017) »
by Judith G. Cohen (astronomy)

Michael D. Coe (1929-2019)

Michael D. Coe (1929-2019) »
by Carl J. Wendt (anthropology)

Howard Bern (1920-2012)

Howard Bern (1920-2012) »
by Lynn Riddiford (physiology and pharmacology)

John W. Suttie (1937-2003)

John W. Suttie (1937-2003) »
by Robert J. Cousins and Richard Eisenstein (animal, nutritional, and applied microbial sciences)

Patricia S. Goldman-Rakic (1937-2003)

Patricia S. Goldman-Rakic (1937-2003) »
by Amy F. T. Arnsten and Pasko Rakic (systems neuroscience)

F. Sherwood Rowland (1927-2012)

F. Sherwood Rowland (1927-2012) »
by B. J. Finlayson-Pitts, D. R. Blake, and A. R. Ravishankara (chemistry)

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