Biographical Memoirs

Published since 1877, Biographical Memoirs feature the life histories and selected bibliographies of deceased members. All of the memoirs published since 1877 are available online as PDFs:

Herbert Robbins (1915-2001)

Herbert Robbins (1915-2001) »
by Tze Leung Lai and David Siegmund (mathematics)

Thomas J. Hanratty (1926-2016)

Thomas J. Hanratty (1926-2016) »
by William R. Schowalter, Mark J. McCready, and Richard C. Alkire (engineering sciences)

Matilda White Riley (1911-2004)

Matilda White Riley (1911-2004) »
by David Mechanic (social and political sciences)

John Ross (1926-2017)

John Ross (1926-2017) »
by Raymond Kapral (chemistry)

Barclay Kamb (1931-2011)

Barclay Kamb (1931-2011) »
by Hermann Engelhardt (geology)

Aleksei Abrikosov (1928-2017)

Aleksei Abrikosov (1928-2017) »
by M.R. Norman (applied physical sciences)

Eric H. Davidson (1937-2015)

Eric H. Davidson (1937-2015) »
by Marianne Bronner (cellular and developmental biology)

Raymond Davis Jr.(1914-2006)

Raymond Davis Jr.(1914-2006) »
by Kenneth Lande (astronomy)

Robert A. Dahl (1915-2014)

Robert A. Dahl (1915-2014) »
by David Mayhew (social and political sciences)

E. T. Bell (1883-1960)

E. T. Bell (1883-1960) »
by Judith R. Goodstein and Donald Babbitt (mathematics)

Jack E. Myers (1913-2006)

Jack E. Myers (1913-2006) »
by Elisabeth Gantt (plant biology)

Marshall Fixman (1930-2016)

Marshall Fixman (1930-2016) »
by Jeffrey Kovac (chemistry)

Frank Brink (1910-2007)

Frank Brink (1910-2007) »
by Alan B. Steinbach and Bertil Hille (cellular and molecular neuroscience)

Sidney Drell (1926-2016)

Sidney Drell (1926-2016) »
by Robert Jaffe and Raymond Jeanloz (physics)

Henry Harpending (1944-2016)

Henry Harpending (1944-2016) »
by Alan R. Rogers (anthropology)

Harold C. Conklin (1926-2016)

Harold C. Conklin (1926-2016) »
by Michael R. Dove and Patrick V. Kirch (anthropology)

Anthony E. Siegman (1931-2011)

Anthony E. Siegman (1931-2011) »
by Stephen E. Harris (engineering sciences)

Robert T. Paine (1933-2016)

Robert T. Paine (1933-2016) »
by Mary E. Power, James A. Estes, Peter Kareiva, Simon Levin, Jane Lubchenco, and Stephen Palumbi (environmental sciences and ecology)

J. David Jackson (1925-2016)

J. David Jackson (1925-2016) »
by Robert N. Cahn (physics)

Rene Millon (1921-2016)

Rene Millon (1921-2016) »
by Deborah L. Nichols (anthropology)

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