Biographical Memoirs

Published since 1877, Biographical Memoirs feature the life histories and selected bibliographies of deceased members. All of the memoirs published since 1877 are available online as PDFs:

Kingsley Davis (1908-1997)

Kingsley Davis (1908-1997) »
by Geoffrey McNicoll (social and political sciences)

William N. Lipscomb (1919-2011)

William N. Lipscomb (1919-2011) »
by Douglas C. Rees (biophysics and computational biology)

John W. Tukey (1915-2000)

John W. Tukey (1915-2000) »
by David R. Brillinger (applied mathematical sciences)

Robert McCormick Adams (1926-2018)

Robert McCormick Adams (1926-2018) »
by Thomas E. Levy (anthropology)

Harlan Banks (1913-1998)

Harlan Banks (1913-1998) »
by David L. Dilcher (plant biology)

Ali Javan (1926-2016)

Ali Javan (1926-2016) »
by Robert J. Scully and Marlan O. Scully (physics)

Elias Burstein (1917-2017)

Elias Burstein (1917-2017) »
by James M. Kikkawa, Eugene Mele, Aron Pinczuk, Erio Tosatti, and Arjun G. Yodh (applied physical sciences)

Dean E. Eastman (1940-2018)

Dean E. Eastman (1940-2018) »
by Franz J. Himpsel, Joseph E. Demuth, Ella Mae Eastman, Peter E. King, and Thomas N. Theis (applied physical sciences)

Gordon T. Whyburn (1904-1969)

Gordon T. Whyburn (1904-1969) »
by E. E. Floyd and F. B. Jones (mathematics)

H. Boyd Woodruff (1917-2017)

H. Boyd Woodruff (1917-2017) »
by Joan Wennstrom Bennett and Arnold L. Demain (animal, nutritional, and applied microbial sciences)

Gregory P. Baxter (1876-1953)

Gregory P. Baxter (1876-1953) »
by R. Stephen Berry (chemistry)

Hans G. Dehmelt (1922-2017)

Hans G. Dehmelt (1922-2017) »
by David J. Wineland (physics)

Gene H. Golub (1932-2007)

Gene H. Golub (1932-2007) »
by Dianne P. O'Leary (applied mathematical sciences)

Donald M. Crothers (1937-2014)

Donald M. Crothers (1937-2014) »
by Peter Moore, David Eisenberg and Jason Kahn (biophysics and computational biology)

Allen V. Astin (1904-1984)

Allen V. Astin (1904-1984) »
by Elio Pasaglia (applied physical sciences)

Ralph M. Steinman (1943-2011)

Ralph M. Steinman (1943-2011) »
by Carol L. Moberg (immunology and inflammation)

Roy Doi (1933-2017)

Roy Doi (1933-2017) »
by Martina Newell-McGloughlin (animal, nutritional, and applied microbial sciences)

Herbert Robbins (1915-2001)

Herbert Robbins (1915-2001) »
by Tze Leung Lai and David Siegmund (mathematics)

Thomas J. Hanratty (1926-2016)

Thomas J. Hanratty (1926-2016) »
by William R. Schowalter, Mark J. McCready, and Richard C. Alkire (engineering sciences)

Matilda White Riley (1911-2004)

Matilda White Riley (1911-2004) »
by David Mechanic (social and political sciences)

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