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VIDEO: Regulation of Romantic Love

Sandra Langeslag, University of Missouri, St. Louis, discussed love up-regulation could reduce the incidence of break-ups and divorces due to declining love feelings and love down-regulation could reduce heartbreak.

VIDEO: All kinds of families: Lessons on social behavior from the cold blooded

Lauren O’Connell, Stanford University, discussed how natural selection has made a beautiful diversity of family structures.


The Future of (Decarbonized) Transportation and What It Means for the Economy, Society and Environment

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Daniel Sperling, NAE member, University of California, Davis, will discuss California’s leadership and failures in creating a more sustainable transportation system, building on his 16 years with the California Air Resources Board.

Illuminating the Night: Unraveling the Enigmatic Effects of Artificial Light on Our World

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Travis Longcore, University of California, Los Angeles, will discuss how understanding and mitigating light pollution can safeguard both the natural world and our own well-being.

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