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Spring 2015 Series 

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January 14, 2015
Driver's Ed: Ethics for Driverless Car Software

As driverless vehicles are on the horizon, decisions about how they react in different situations need to be determined. If a driverless vehicle is in a situation where a collision is unavoidable, should it take the option that minimizes the overall impact at the possible expense of its occupants or should it always make the decision to protect itself?  Should drivers get to make the decision themselves?  Should the age of the occupants, criminal history, driving record, marital status, family situation, cost of vehicle, legal liability, and potential contribution of the occupants to society be considered?  These and many other questions related to the ethics and technological innovations with driverless vehicles will be discussed.

Jeffrey Miller, Associate Professor of Engineering Practice, University of Southern California

February 10, 2015
Body Building:  Progress and Promise in Tissue Engineering Research

Tissue engineering is an interdisciplinary field that marries the principles of engineering and the life sciences toward the development of biological substitutes that restore, maintain, or improve tissue function.  Typically, tissue engineers use advanced biomaterials that serve as scaffolds for the delivery of cells, and the scaffolds further provide cues and signals to the cells to guide their re-growth or healing of a tissue.  This talk will include specific examples to illustrate the complexities of designing tissue engineering strategies for clinical use, such as regenerating damaged cartilage, engineering living heart valves, or treating Parkinson’s disease.  Finally, all of this will be placed in the context of the many scientific and regulatory challenges that exist and provide insight related to the future promise of this field in medicine.

Kristi Anseth (NAS), University of Colorado Boulder

February 24, 2015
Prehispanic Pueblo Societies: The Big Picture from the Village Ecodyamics Project

This lecture is co-sponsored by the OC Chapter of Archeological Institute of America.  This talk will frame recent VEP modeling and empirical research on the central Mesa Verde and northern Rio Grande regions within a much larger picture of population growth reconstructed from osteological remains and movement reconstructed from tree-ring dates for the entire upland Southwest.

Tim Kohler is Regents' Professor of Anthropology at Washington State University

March 18, 2015
Managing Groundwater for Drought, Clean Water, Food Security, and Ecosystems

Groundwater is a critical source of drinking water for many Americans, it is the drought insurance for 40% of our planet's agriculture, and it sustains many aquatic ecosystems. Understanding this hidden resource is a key to it's sustainable management.

Thomas Harter, PhD, is the Robert M. Hagan Endowed Chair in Water Management and Policy at the University of California, Davis.

April 15 , 2015
5th Annual Seymour Benzer Lecture
Translating a trillion points of data into therapies, diagnostics, and new insights into disease

There is an urgent need to translate genome-era discoveries into clinical utility, but the difficulties in making bench-to-bedside translations may be helped by the nascent field of translational bioinformatics. Dr. Butte's lab at Stanford builds and applies tools that convert trillions points of molecular, clinical, and epidemiological data -- measured by researchers and clinicians over the past decade and now commonly termed “big data” -- into diagnostics, therapeutics, and new insights into disease. This talk will highlight how publicly-available molecular measurements to find new uses for drugs including drug repositioning for inflammatory bowel disease, discovering new treatable inflammatory mechanisms of disease in type 2 diabetes, and how the next generation of biotech companies might even start in your garage.

Atul Butte, Stanford University School of Medicine

May 6, 2015
New Horizons Mission to Pluto

Fran Bagenal, Professor of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences
Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, University of Colorado

May 20, 2015 
Immunity's Role in Controlling and Shaping Cancer

Robert Schreiber (NAS), Washington University School of Medicine


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