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VIDEO: How Mathematics Shapes our World, and our Values

Amir Alexander, University of California, Los Angeles, will discuss how mathematics has been imprinted on the landscapes of the modern world. Along the way it has shaped not only our esthetics, but our values, our institutions, and even our politics.

PODCAST: s04e09: Stephen Forman: Cellular Immunotherapy for treatment of cancer: from transplant to gene therapy

Stephen Forman, City of Hope, discussed a new therapy that is being increasingly utilized in the treatment of people with cancer using genetically engineered immune cells in addition to the traditional treatments of chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation.


A Human-Centered Perspective for Interactive Robots - Online Zoom Event

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Dorsa Sadigh, Stanford University, will discuss developing data-efficient techniques to learn computational models of human behavior. She will continue with the challenges that arise when agents (including humans and robots) interact with each other.

Chemical and physical considerations and the production of coffee - Online Zoom Event

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Christopher Hendon, University of Oregon, will discuss the landscape of coffee research to date and discusses burgeoning efforts to better understand the key factors that determine cup quality and reproducibility.

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