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VIDEO: A Perfect Storm: Climate Change, Emerging Disease, Us

Daniel Brooks, University of Toronto, will discuss The DAMA (document – assess – monitor – act) Protocol which links activities from neighborhood gardens to global surveillance systems that can allow us to anticipate and to mitigate emerging disease.

PODCAST: s04e09: Stephen Forman: Cellular Immunotherapy for treatment of cancer: from transplant to gene therapy

Stephen Forman, City of Hope, discussed a new therapy that is being increasingly utilized in the treatment of people with cancer using genetically engineered immune cells in addition to the traditional treatments of chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation.


Capturing the First Image of a Black Hole & Beyond - Online Zoom Event

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Katherine L. Bouman, California Institute of Technology will present the methods and procedures used to produce the first image of a black hole from the Event Horizon Telescope, as well as discuss future developments for black hole imaging.

How offshore nuclear power stations can help achieve rapid deep decarbonization - Online Zoom Event

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Nick Touran, nuclear engineer and reactor physicist based in Seattle, Washington, discusses the concept of building nuclear power plants in shipyards and operating them on floating platforms several kilometers offshore.

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