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VIDEO: Paul Dawson: Double-Dipping and Other Food Peculiarities

This presentation looks at the ways bacteria live and move around the surfaces where we eat, drink and celebrate. Ice, lemon slices, sharing food, and even blowing out birthday candles will be placed under the microscope for close examination.

PODCAST: S02E01: Alex Stone: The Science of Magic and the Art of Deception

This lecture explores the cognitive underpinnings of misdirection, illusion, scams, and secrecy, pulling back the curtain on the many curious and powerful ways our brains deceive us—not just when we’re watching a magician stage his swindles, but throughout our daily lives.


Accelerating the Clean Energy Transformation

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Ernest J. Moniz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Safer Made: Chemistry Even New Parents Will Love

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Martin Mulvihill, University of California, Berkeley

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